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Trust and Trust Building

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Essay, Pages 3 (614 words)



Essay, Pages 3 (614 words)

One of the hardest things to procure is trust. Once the trust bond is there it can be broken in seconds. For some people, trust is what holds their relationship together and for others, it is just a quality present within themselves. When people build trust a keyword that they find is confidence. It could be confident in the other person, the situation, or anything being confident is key. One perspective of trust is from the Scottish author George MacDonald, and he once said that “to be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved.

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” This is one perspective of trust and it is focusing on the quality of being superior. Another perspective comes from the tennis great Arthur Ashe: “Trust has to be earned, and should come only after the passage of time.” He is saying that this quality will develop over time and it will be your decision whether it is there or not. Trust is the belief you have in someone, regardless of the guaranteed result.

When people use the word trust in their everyday lives it usually is based on the situation. For example, in a conversation of the future, nobody knows what is going to occur. They are dependent on many different factors to make sure the future turns out how they expect it. Using trust as a verb means you are hoping, assuring, and depending on something whether or not you know the outcome. When people meet each other for the first time or you don’t know someone very well, but you are put in a situation where trust is involved that is how the word trust is used as a noun.

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An example of this could be meeting a babysitter you hired for one night. You are not aware of all the qualities of the babysitter but you have placed your confidence in them to take care of your kids.

In everyday life, there are many different kinds of trust. The situation involving trust can be difficult or easy depending on what it is. These situations may include trust in your family, friends or someone special to you. One day my family and I were going on a road trip somewhere. I did not like road trips and I knew this was not going to be fun since the road trip was going to belong. However, I trusted my family when they said it will be fun and it turned out a lot better than I thought and I had a lot of fun. I trusted my parent’s decision more after this and did more of the things they said to do even if I did not want to. If this situation turned out the opposite way and I did not enjoy it then the way I trust my family may have changed. Another situation that occurred is my friend and I had just started a new school. During lunch one of the kids decided they were going to make fun of my friend. I knew in that situation I had to stick up for my friend and make sure I fixed this situation. I also knew that my friend trusted me to stick up for her when that happened. After that occurred, I also knew that my friend placed more confidence or trust in me. If I did not stick up for her that way then my friends’ trust in me may have been gone and she would not see me the same anymore. In both situations trust had a lot to do with what was happening. People’s way of how they see trust changes when different things occur. Trust can make or break a relationship.

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