Why honesty in a friendship is important

Honesty is an important attribute because it is one of the ways that people judge you. If you cannot be considered as being honest, you will not have good business relationships, good friends, or perhaps even a good life. Honesty replies a refusal to steal or deceive in any manner. It means integrity or chastity. It is a great virtue which is adored by all and the one which most important in relations including friendship. It is rare to find a truly honest person.

As the sun is known by its clear rays, so an honest person can be identified by his simple nature and amiable behaviour among many. An honest person is fearless and truthful and honesty is most the important feature in a friendship. An honest person is trusted and respected in the society.

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He keeps his head high within its social circle and his character is as bright as a sharp sword.

It is said, ‘honesty is the best policy’. Honesty leads one to morality and purity of character. A dishonest person is disbelieved and hated by all. Dishonesty is a sin which comes out sooner or later. If we are dishonest with are friends, the life of the dishonest person becomes miserable, as he loses all faith, sympathy and support of the his friends and everyone starts getting against him.

Friendship is a sentimental bond between two people and this bond is broken by dishonesty. Honesty is important in friendship so that our friends believe that what we say.

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If we are known to be honest about all things then when we tell our friends something they believe you. If we are known to be dishonest for just once, none respect us. For example if I ask information about someone to my friend, he gave some information which is not truth. When I came to know that, I won’t believe my friend next time. Even it will make gap between us.

In conclusion honesty is important to succeed in every part our life. Being known as an honest person is one of the highest honours you can achieve in your life time.

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Why honesty in a friendship is important
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