True Friends Essay

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True Friends

Have you ever imagined yourself without friends? Have you ever thought about it? Friendship is one of the most significant values in our life. Unfortunately, finding a true friend is too difficult nowadays.

Our society has become very competitive. Many people want to be the best and may take advantage of others very often. They are very selfish as they care only about themselves. So, how can we find a true and reliable friend?

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Friends should have some important qualities. First of all they should be sensitive, honest and trustful. A good friend is the person we can rely on and tell our problems to. Therefore, they should have understanding, compassion and loyalty. These qualities, in my opinion, are the most vital as well as the rarest to find.

In addition, a true friend should be always beside us, in good or bad moments in our life. When we have problems we have the opportunity to discuss them with a friend and find solutions. Furthermore, we can share our inner desires and worries or confide our secrets. At the same time, when we are together we can have fun and do whatever we want. Just because we are together, our life seems to have meaning and so we feel happier.

To conclude, in my view, life without friends is miserable and really boring. Every person in the world wants a friend to share problems and have fun with. Although it is not easy to find a faithful friend because most of them are arrogant and competitive, there are people who understand the importance of friendship. So, it is time to make friends and protect our relationship for the rest of our life.

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