The Value Of Friendship And Its Crucial Importance

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Satisfaction in relationships with friends is an important part of our life. Friendship is when people want to be together, when they are interested in each other and trust each other. Friendship is more than a pleasant company; it is a closeness of interests. Real friendship is a deep, sincere relationship that includes a whole range of emotions, and our interactions with these people make our life better. There is nothing better than being able to surround yourself with friends with common interests, and complementary personal qualities, whom you trust, and who are understanding.

We often form a circle of friends with common interests, such as travel, music, sport or the same profession. We gravitate to people who enjoy the same things we do or support the same baseball team. As you get to know each other, you discover that you have shared values and more interests in common. Certain shared interests will not only keep people together; they will continue to strengthen this relationship in the future.

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My friend and I like to travel; we like karate classes, and to read books about psychology and watch historical movies together. This is why our friendship has kept us together for more than thirty years. People become friends when they share common interests, and when they spend time together, their friendship just grows stronger.

Can two people become friends with completely different personalities? Any person can be friends with most types of people with different but complementary characters. Because people have a very good time together, we might assume that they have similar interests, which means they are more alike.

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Sometimes different people get together and become good friends. Why are different people attracting each other? Friends might be opposites, but they are together because they complement each other even though they may have different personal qualities. For example, my best friend is a quiet introvert while I am loud and lively; my friend is methodical, while I am spontaneous. We are complete opposites, but our friendship is working great. We may love our friends because sometimes we are different and because we are similar at the same time.

Trusting lets us feel comfortable and protected. When people may trust their friends, they may share their plans, their feelings, and their everything: problems, successes, achievements. In true friendship friends can talk openly and receive respect. Perhaps it is the personal privacy being protected that makes a very important connection between people. When I was a student, I had a very good friend. We met at university and spent a lot of time together. We could talk about our life, about our future, and we were not afraid to share our feelings and to be ourselves. It is very important when somebody has a friend, and they can trust each other.

Having a good friend who supports and understands us is important in our life. Our friends understand us and share our laughter and our tears. Our good friend is a deep mutual understanding of each other. This means close friends are able to communicate with each other almost without words. When my best school friend had a hard time in her life, she could come and spend time with me. She talked to me, opened her heart, cried on my shoulder; and I just listened to her sometimes for a long time. I listened, listened, and listened. Sometimes it was hard to give advice, but she knew I could understand her feelings. It is so important to understand your friend, and more important when your friend can understand. Mutual understanding helps friendship to live, strengthens our life, and helps our friends to live.

I remember a beautiful line from a child’s song: “The river starts from a small streamlet, but a friendship starts from a smile.” It is right. Usually, people meet, get acquainted, communicate, and become friends, maybe become a best friend for a long time. It is not easy to find real friendship. That is why it is so important to build and keep relationships that are based on understanding and trust. A true friend or a best friend is one of the precious possessions in our life. Friendship is important because the human being needs friends with common interests, needs friends for understanding and trust, even when friends have completely different characters. Someone said, “A friend is one that knows you as you are, understands where you have been, accepts what you have become, and still, gently allow you to grow” (“Unknown Quote”). And I truly agree.

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The Value Of Friendship And Its Crucial Importance
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