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Trip to Bangkok

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 3 (525 words)
Categories: My Trip, Tourism
Downloads: 54
Views: 558

For the last six years I haven’t been to any part of the world besides Bangkok. I’ve had opportunities to go to the most romantic and ethereal places but instead I chose to go to Bangkok every year because it is one of the most diverse and exciting city of Asia to me. This year again I’ve worked two jobs to save up enough so that I can splurge and enjoy my yearly trip to Bangkok.

People usually consider Bangkok as a place for adult fun and nude beaches.

Blend cheap shopping, relaxing Thai massages, gorgeous beaches, warm weather, beautiful temples and architecture, smiling people, exquisite Thai cuisine and you have what they call the city of angels and the land of smiles. The most surprising thing about Bangkok is the incredibly low prices for everything. This makes shopping so much more fun because all products are within your budget. Thai handicrafts and silks are presents that I bring for family and friends every year.

Since Thailand is a big garment exporter, clothing is available at every nook and cranny at the lowest prices. Bangkok also boasts of the best and the most real looking ‘fake brands’. One can find a fake Rolex or Armani Jeans or Gucci Shoes for 200 Baht (5$). The architecture of Bangkok is completely contradictory. You can find shining skyscrapers, huge shopping malls and the traditional river side home on the same Chao Praya river road. This river defines the essence of Bangkok.

The river is always alive like the city with hustle and bustle. The Wat Mahathat is one of the most beautiful temples I’ve ever seen. It was built by King Rama I and it currently houses a Buddhist University. Palaces of Bangkok also show the workmanship of ancient times and serves as a great revelation to how the monarchs actually lived in those times. I have to admit Thai food is one of the biggest reasons why I flock to Bangkok again and again.

The distinctive flavor, culinary expertise, affordability and wide availability make it very difficult to not stop by on every pavement and try something new. In Bangkok, you don’t find the westernized green white and red curries. Instead, the locals will force you to munch on water roaches, fried chicken legs or pork intestines for starters. Since Thai people take pride in snacking all day, snacks are available almost at every corner on stalls and carts. The city is also bustling with lots of people.

The people of Bangkok are always bright, sunny, friendly and helpful. If you stop by any local and ask for directions he will try his level best to answer the question in the little English that he knows. These are just some of the reasons I have for loving this city. Once you have a taste of Bangkok it is absolutely impossible to not come back to it again and again. For me, Bangkok has a complete entertainment package which can take my mind off all worries of the world. It is a place which people either end up loving or loathing. No one is left indifferent towards it.

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