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Traffic Jams in Bangkok

Have you ever imagined Bangkok without any traffic jams? Well, I have, many times. The amount of transport vehicles in Bangkok adds up to a striking 6. 9 million, as for the rest of Thailand it comes to 23. 4million in total. According to data and statistics from World Health Organization (WHO), the number of traffic accidents (2012) in Bangkok and in the rest of the country is more or less the same. In Bangkok more personal cars are involved in accidents, while in the countryside pickups feature more prominently.

Comparing the amount of motorcycles in Bangkok with the rest of the country, there are proportionally more accidents in Bangkok involving motorcycles. The number of accidents in Bangkok compared with the rest of the country is rather striking. However, while the number of accidents in Bangkok is as high as in the rest of the country, the number of deaths and serious injuries are way lower. It’s not only the safety aspects of transportation in Bangkok that prevent foreigners from coming here, it’s also all the scams we hear about.

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Almost 90% of the foreigners that’s been in Bangkok have been scammed. Once you realize you’ve been scammed, you get negative feelings about Bangkok and even Thailand. The main scams come from some kind of taxi driver. A taxi driver will be one of the first things you get to see in Thailand and first impressions last. Whether you’re using a meter-taxi, tuk-tuk, bus, motorcycle taxi or the railway, there might always be a traffic jam or a driver trying to scam you.

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Traffic Jams in Bangkok

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