Transcendentalism: Edgar Allan Poe and People

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Transcendentalism, was a major belief of many people in America. Although it no longer remains as a belief in today’s society, in the eighteen hundreds it made quite an impression. Some of these people consisted of Henry David Thoreau and Ralph Waldo Emerson, two great American authors. Transcendentalists believed that everyone was one with nature, and anything could be achieved with the right mindset. Many of these beliefs are still taught to the youth of today.

Now, although many people had good over views on the transcendental beliefs, just like every good thing, there were those who opposed it.

These people, the anti-transcendentalists, had beliefs that were the exact opposite of those of the Transcendentalists. These people believed that there was such a thing as evil in the world and that no one could do anything they wanted, everyone had limits. Some of the anti-transcendentalists consisted of great American authors such as, Edgar Allen Poe, Nathaniel Hawthorne and Herman Melville.

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The transcendental beliefs are great enlightened beliefs that if followed could make the world a prosperous place. Transcendentalism is against the materialistic world and people live complex hardened lives. What it shows is that if people would live simple easy lives and not base their lives on what they own, society would be a much easier place to live in. Not only would people be happier without the stress of today’s normal life, but there would be no more groups’s, clicks and classes.

Everyone would be able to get along and fit in no matter what.

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On the other hand we have the anti-transcendentalists. These people believed that people should have to work to get where the want to be. Also, they believe that society is the complete opposite of transcendentalism. They believe people have limits and need to be in order. They feel if people were to be who they want to be there would be udder chaos and disorder in society because there are evil people in the world.

As you can see just by the names, transcendentalism and anti-transcendentalism are two completely different beliefs. Transcendentalists believe that people should be who they want to be and can achieve anything if the set their minds to it. Anti-transcendentalists believe the exact opposite. They feel people should follow set rules and they all have limits. Both of these sides show valid points and either have the potential to work out in society. If you had the choice, which of the two types of beliefs would you choose to follow?

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Transcendentalism: Edgar Allan Poe and People
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