Transcendent Period the Founding Father of This Movement, Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Literacy has evolved over the years, but how did it all begin? The literary time period that I researched on was the transcendental period. This movement began in 1800s. I learned that the transcendental time was a period where the founding father of this movement, Ralph Waldo Emerson, questioned and criticized slavery and woman’s place in society. This movement involved American literary, politics, and religious believes. The important figures of this movement were; Henry David Thoreau, Margaret Fuller, Amos Bronson Alcott, Frederic Henry Hedge, and Theodore Parker.

The first official meeting was held in Cambridge, Massachusetts. This movement had so many believes but the main ones were individualism, idealism, and divinity in nature. All these people were significant during this time period, because they either they did something significant or they were a leader of a movement.

First of, Ralph Waldo Emerson as I said before he was the leader of this movement but he was also a poet. One of his poems I read was called “Fate” that poem was about a person who is controlled by fate, a supernatural power that cannot be controlled, and he also explains how important fate is in our everyday life.

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Another important figure in this movement was Henry David Thoreau. He was important, because he wrote a book called, “Walden”. This book was about his two-year journey at a camp he built at Walden Pond. The point of this book was about survival and how Thoreau grew spiritually at the cabin he built.

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Margaret Fuller was an american journalist, critic, and women’s rights activist.

She wrote a book called, “Woman in the Nineteenth Century”. This book criticized the way women were treated and explain how woman also have rights. In my opinion, I believe this is what made the trecedental time period so significant, because no one had every pointed out how women were also important just as men were in the nineteenth century. From this point on, a lot of women became convinced that they had rights too and began to be activist and write their point of view. Next, Amos Bronson Alcott, was a philosopher, teacher and reformer. He developed a way to discipline students and not to treat them brutally when students misbehave this system was called “awaken the soul”. The 21st century has to thank Alcott because if he didn’t invent this system we would probably be getting beaten by teachers.

All in all, these bright minds came together and formed the transcendental time period. This time period was the most important because the transcendental period affected everyone to this day. Woman still don’t have equal right and there is still feminist protesting and creating their own movement to be heard. Another way this time period affected America long term was on how students are disciplined in school. Currently, students are not allowed to be beaten or hit due to the brilliant ideas philosophers from the 1800s had. In conclusion, the trecedental time period is an important time period because there were ideas that affect us to this day in a positive way of course.

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