To what extent should nation be the foundation of identity

I believe that nation is the foundation of identity to a certain extent . For example, if I asked people from the school what shapes their individual identities they might say things like; religion, ethnicity, language, or birth place. These are all examples of nations that we identify with; a nation doesn’t have to be defined by physical boundaries,a nation can be as simple as people coming together or being united by a common history, descent, language, or culture.

In terms of a nation-state I know that it does influence our everyday lives and thus our sense of identity/ beliefs and values.

That being said to answer the question of “To what Extent Should…” I don’t think it should be the foundation of our identity to any extent. A nation that we are born into is not one that we should allow to have much influence in our lives and who we are as human beings. I believe that we should all be left to make our own devices to explore as much as we can about the world around us and make our own decisions as to what we view as right and wrong.

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The only nation I believe that we should accept to influence our identities are the ones we choose to be involved in. Culture, heritage, and religion are all examples of nations we choose to take part in and promote as part of our individual identities. The act of becoming associated with a nation of this sort is prof in itself that it is something you identify with on a personal level and thus already a part of your individual identity.

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In conclusion, I believe that the only form of nation that should influence your individual identity is one that you choose to uphold and associate yourself with.

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To what extent should nation be the foundation of identity

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