Tim Winton's Connection with the Sea and Belonging

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Time and tide, a feature article by Tim Winton expresses the concept of belonging through his reflection and strong connection with the sea. He tells of his belonging through many techniques such as similes, metaphors, repetition, accumulation, personification, first-person persona, descriptive language, juxtaposition, the use of short sentence structure, and imagery. The opening paragraph uses deep emotive language about his past which “sustains a sense of childlike wonder” keeping the sense of belonging throughout his life.

Imagery is one of the main techniques Winton has focused on as the 'powder white sand and 'new lit ocean spread' create vivid pictures of his past for the reader.

However, his tone dramatically changes as this beautiful imagery of what the sea once was is juxtaposed with the stark image of a whale massacre and what it has become. He further emphasizes this change when he says 'ya should have been here yesterday'. As it is written in the first person he portrays his feeling creating a contrast from the past to his present.

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The feeling of power that 'buzzed through my spine and also the 'weightless, comfortable and at home feeling' gives a sense of belonging as opposed to his feelings and opinion of how the sea has dramatically changed. 'we treated it with a kind of thoughtless contempt' 'now only memories remain'. Tim Winton's short sentence structure allows him to engage the reader in his feelings about the sea and understand how he feels he belongs and always will. 'But I went back alone now and again, unable to break the habit'.

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Updated: Apr 19, 2023
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