This modern era of restaurant industry plays an active role

This modern era of restaurant industry plays an active role in people’s daily lives, making the food business the fastest developing. The restaurant business is developing rapidly around the world. These days, trend of eating out among people is growing rapidly where people are more interested to experience the new foods. They also save time by eating out on a busy schedule. Restaurants are not only a places for people to experience different foods. People visit restaurants for social gatherings, birthday treat, celebrations, and more.

While starting a restaurant business at first it is energizing, it’s likewise tedious and one of the hardest business to effectively launch.

People emigrate abroad to find employment, higher education and political issues, and lifestyle changes, such as the desire to obtain high standards of living in urban areas. From this point they began to accept new principles and unique societies, which meant that they also accepted eating habits from that place. They learn the habit of eating out and try to eat out.

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These components are driving a surge in food service business as they need more restaurants and hotels. The restaurant business is considered to be a never-ending, fast-growing and profitable industry. The money as well as satisfaction gained by making the customers more satisfied is additionally a gain from this work.

Nepalese think the eatery as their second kitchen. The eateries in Nepal have changed a lot in the previous couple of years. Today, restaurants are not only concerned with the quality of food, but they also spend more time on interior design.

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Nepalese restaurants have been introducing modern trends to design their restaurants. Some of them have recreated traditional old designs to attract customers. The sheer number of restaurants across the country clearly shows the production opportunities in the restaurant industry. (Prasain, 2017). These days, western culture has influenced the restaurant industry in Nepal and we can find many Japanese, Korean and Thai restaurants in the Kathmandu Valley. (Prasain, 2017). These Western cultures are affecting the traditional cultural food of Nepal.

One of Nepal’s famous ancient cultures is the Newari culture, and people from all cultural backgrounds like Newari cuisine. Newars are the inhabitants of the Kathmandu who celebrate cultural events throughout the year and people of Kathmandu with different cultural background are getting fond of Newari culture. They are interested to try the different varieties of Newari food. Due to the influence of Western culture in the capital city of Nepal, it is difficult to find the original flavor of traditional Newari food inside the Kathmandu Valley. We can find very few Newari restaurant in Newroad, Baluwatar, Baneshwor that offer some types of Newari Dishes. The original traditional Newari foods are mainly found in Kirtipur, Bhaktapur and Pokhara which are outside the Kathmandu Valley. So, the Newari food lovers must travel for many hours to experience the Newari cuisine and to satisfy their needs. The demand for Newari food is increasing as the people from all cultural backgrounds like Newari cuisine. So, Salincha restaurant will offer the original taste of Newari cuisine in Durbar Marg, Kathmandu which is the convenient place for all food lovers.

Salincha is a traditional Newari restaurant that focuses on office workers, shoppers, young people with schools and college students, and free individual tourists. These target customers are office workers, they have time constraints, no time to prepare food, shoppers who like to enjoy food with friends and family, young people who like to travel, relax with friends, try various foods, and FIT ( Free Individual Tourists) who love to experience the different cultural food of Nepal.

Since Nepal became a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO) in 2004, food safety has become an important issue. Food safety rules were enacted in 1996. Restaurant business requires standard and sterile foods that can be consumed by the consumers and appropriate training should be provided to the employees. A business firm may be punished (including sanctions) on the off chance that it is observed to be in a charge of delivering and offering unsafe and contaminated food.

Salincha’s business idea comes from plans to provide healthy and nutritious food at a reasonable price. By estimating the survey and interview results with different locals and foreigners in Kathmandu, it can be concluded that customers are looking for healthy and nutritious food. Therefore, Salincha aims to provide healthy and nutritious food to its target customers.

Salincha is a traditional Newari restaurant which will be located at Durbar Marg. It is one of the popular place for shopping. Besides shopping, majority of office are located in Durbar Marg as well as it is also famous for tourists attraction. There are many Banks, Travel &Tour Agencies and Hotels in this location. Since, Durbar Marg is renowned for shopping and business hub, the customers are fascinated for a new restaurant in this area.

Nowadays, we can find people spending greater time eating outside as opposed to cooking at home (Ranjit, 2018) mainly in the case of office workers who have tight schedule. Due to the busy lifestyle, changing trends, and hectic timetables, people’s eating habits have further changed around the world. In Nepal, the restaurant have witnessed majority of people eating outside. This fast growing number of Nepalese eating outside their homes might be due to growth in disposable income (Dahal, 2017). The Nepalese restaurant brings an astonishing trend of interior design and service, as customers not simply visit for eating, but spending time with friends and family. (Prasain, 2017)

From the survey, we can see that different customers prefer different timings to visit the restaurants. In particular, few of them prefer to visit at 9am- 11 am in the morning, majority of them prefer at 12 pm- 4pm for Lunch and some of them prefer at 7 pm- 11 pm for dinner.

We can find various alternatives of restaurants in the Durbar Marg area, such as non-traditional restaurants, bakeries and cafes. However, there is one restaurant, Utsav restaurant that provides various traditional food of Nepal. As it is focusing in all Nepali traditional food, it offer some types of Newari food to the consumers. Salincha is the only restaurant focusing in original taste of Newari food. This gives an opportunity to operate Newari restaurant in Durbar Marg serving best product and services to the targeted customers. At Salincha, customers experiences nutritious food in a traditional environment with relaxed sitting arrangement so they can enjoy the live cultural dance. The atmosphere of the restaurant is designed according to the survey and interview.

The following are the research objectives of the Salincha restaurant:

· To study the feasibility of running traditional Newari restaurant in Durbar Marg, Nepal

· To study the customers preference for traditional Newari restaurant in Durbar Marg, Nepal

· To study the financial structure for start up the traditional Newari restaurant in Durbar Marg, Nepal

The expected outcomes of the research objectives of a business plan are as follows:

· Understand the opportunity and challenges to operate traditional Newari restaurant in Durbar Marg, Nepal

· Understand the customer preference and value proposition that may match with traditional Newari restaurant in Durbar Marg, Nepal

· Understand the course structure for initial investment for traditional Newari restaurant in Durbar Marg, Nepal and able to identify the source of investment.

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