The Vital Role Of Art

It is an undeniable fact that importance of art skills in everyone life plays a vital role because it help to individual express their thoughts through art skills. Art is considered to be the main core of the country’s civilization and heritage. As well as, art surrounds life every people in every location, without us being really aware of it. But one bitter truth is majority of people doesn’t know how much art skills are necessary in our lives.

According to my daily experience, everyone should definitely learn art because it is a huge part of culture which enhance creativity, knowledge and provides us with a deeper understanding of emotions.

The famous art artist (Jessica Carson, 2012) study shows that creativity can help capture ideas, thoughts and visions about the world. As well as, Young people can advocate for themselves and for others. I personally believe that we live in a that culture and society where children are raised with passive life experiences.

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Children toys are highly functional and commercially constructed. Whereas, some of them children are nature imaginative, but their imagination and creation are not much developed as needed in present world. In this advanced world, society needs a creative children and youngsters because creative people are problem solver and they keep their mind active. Moreover, Creativity connects us to ourselves. It opens our hearts and doors to our mind. It brings us opportunity to show our hidden talent and allows us to recognition of our uniqueness and identity.

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I can say that creativity connects us with our passions.

In addition, Art knowledge not affect us, it informs us about world. Like all necessary information, we can use art to build a rich picture of the world beyond which we interact everyday (Jessica Herrington, 2015). In clear way art knowledge skills giving us a kind of conceptual knowledge. Like, knowledge about our concepts and conceptual knowledge may include our own feeling or thoughts, such as having empathy for others. Moreover, knowledge of alternate possibilities is also something that art can provide. For example, Pablo Picasso’s painting artwork inspired whole world, that is a type of thought and knowledge art skills that allows us to ponder and simulate alternate futures.

We learn something quite different from Picasso’s artwork that we do not learn from a piece of paper, that’s art knowledge which every one understand easily. I think, art skills can also give us deep moral knowledge and it also plays a crucial role in informing our opinions of what is right or wrong.

People think that science and technology are superior to art. But art makes life Worthwhile (Steven Soderbergh’s 2001). As we live in fast paced life, moments of quick decisions and fragmented thoughts, art skills allow us make every moment memorable. Many experts believe that, understand our emotions can help grow and improve ourselves and there is no doubt if we increase our self awareness it can lead to more success both personally, and professionally. I believe that, Art is everywhere, influencing us on a daily basis, whether we realize it or not. For example, whenever we see something related to arts whether it’s an inspiring painting or watch motivational video, that leave a huge impact on our mood and emotions. As well as, art helps to frame the world, talk about it and to express it, wherever and whoever you are. For me, when I see artist who sketching an artwork, doing a performance in the gallery or seeing them make a really great artwork, that’s when I see the power of creativity and the importance of art for all ages.

In conclusion, Art skills and knowledge helps individual to enhance creativity as well as it make community and society more beautiful. It also makes the places we go and spend time in more interesting. I strongly tend that through art skills we gain a better understanding of history, cultures and tradition. Most important, that skills surely help us to shapes our ideas and future.

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Updated: Feb 02, 2024
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