The SWOT analysis of cruise product in Hong Kong

-The long history and reputation of the company is the strength, if you ask traveling company, most people in Hong Kong will say our company name, that can proof that we have well-known brand in Hong Kong people
-Our service so good and many customers satisfy our services
-We provide a lot of trip for different type customer

-We are such a large company that we have significant cost advantages over most of our competitors
-Good financial position
-Effective Marketing Strategy
-Experienced Personnel
-High quality services
-Strong market position
-Hong Kong as a regional cruise hub.

Hong Kong has great potential to capture the opportunities brought about by the growth in the Asia Pacific market
-Aviation network covering the whole world as well as excellent infrastructure to facilitate “fly-cruise” passengers;
-Experienced tourism trade, providing support services to cruise companies and passengers on international standards
-Locating at a strategic geographical position in Asia Pacific and offering diverse choices for cruise itinerary
-Convenient and diversified shopping facilities providing tourists with abundant choices and unforgettable shopping experience
-Hong Kong as a transport hub between Asia

-Our price are little bit so high that other competitor, that will affect the decision of customer
-Some people think that cruise are boring
-Cruise service in Asia market segment not mature yet
-The culture in Asia different in USA.

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The people in USA think that they must join cruise services at least once in their life.
- Opportunities
-Nowadays many mainland tourist come to Hong Kong, they can have more linkage with mainland traveling company to have more business
-The economy of Hong Kong turn good and the government promote 5 working-days system, people are more willing to put money in travel
-Expand product/service lines

-Change in consumer lifestyles and their income increasing.

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-Government strongly supporting cruise services.
-Travel Agents get a lot of cruise packages, customers can easy to find the information through travel agents and travel agent’s website.
-There are some promotion through TV travel program, for example Antarctic

-In traveling industry, it has a lot of companies want to make great profit, the keen competition make the company face a lot of threats
-The price of cruise package --> expensive
-People do not want to go the country which the political not stable
-Global warming

Updated: Jul 06, 2022
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