The Somali community in San Diego are tremendously successful when it comes to owning and managing independent businesses such as family restaurant, grocery store, café and or clothing store. These are great people working together with a common interest; entrepreneurship. Now having said this, the Somali community are deficient in one thing and one thing only which is to open a well known commercial business. No countryman of mine has franchise a business, at least not to my knowledge. Establishing franchise type of business in San Diego would definitely benefit my community.

For instance, they can franchise such companies as McDonald, Western Union, Sony and Albertson. The proposal of franchising a famous company brings great opportunities and hope for my people. They would truly be exposed to and engage in professional, commercial and industrial dealings. A dream of mine has always been to open and run my own café shop. By owning my own coffee house, I can become part of a rich culture that dates back to the time of King Solomon.

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The Coffee house has come to symbolize a more cultured side of humanity. It provides a place where people may gather to discuss politics, music, poetry, romance or rebellion. In our culture, coffee is accepted as social, affluent, and downright hip. I had noticed how my people have not franchise a business so far, therefore I would like to take this risky venture and establish Starbucks. As a result of this initiative step, I look forward to see my community to emulate my footstep and be connected with the rest of the modern world.

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There is only one thing better than gong to your local Starbucks shop; it is owning the local Starbucks shop. The pleasant sense of being an entrepreneur is that, you no longer report to bosses, and you are completely accountable and responsible for your own successes and failures. I enjoy that. In addition, you have better control of time, and can lead a decent, good quality personal life.

The difficult part of running a business is that of finding prospects and turning them into endearing customers. Prospects are harder to find these days, with less knowledgeable but hungry people entering every segment of the market with cut throat basement prices with correspondingly low quality work. However, I’m soldier on. It is apparent that Starbucks is one of the most recognized and respected brand in the world. Starbucks was first opened in 1971 at its first location in Seattle’s Pike Place Market. Starbucks has success has expanded to the world wide where it has impressed with the popularity of fresh coffee and espresso. Customers have witnessed the potential success in Seattle to develop a similar coffee shop in their local country or city. Starbucks provides high quality and fresh bean coffees. As well as Italian style espresso beverages, a variety of pastries and confection, and coffee-related accessories and equipment.

The company will be managed by a qualified selected employees and myself being the head. I believe I deserve this career; I want to earn it and become successful coffee shop owner. I strongly support employment practices that prevent discrimination in the workplace based on their race, gender, age, sexual orientation, religion, disabilities, and social economic status. Affirmative action is an agenda that serves my company and I am completely clear about how this is going to go about implementing it. As my colleagues and I expand the business within our community, jobs will increase and I believe creating jobs is the key to success. The knowledge or skill obtained by individual through given opportunity could be useful in the workplace.

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