The role of Detective O'Brien in the legal system within "Monster": An analysis of her responsibilities and conduct.

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"Monster" explores themes of justice, identity, and the criminal justice system through the eyes of Steve Harmon, a young aspiring filmmaker who is on trial for his alleged involvement in a robbery and murder. Detective O'Brien, a key character in the narrative, plays a crucial role within the legal system as she investigates the crime and testifies as a witness. An analysis of her responsibilities and conduct sheds light on her character's significance and the ethical dilemmas she faces.

Detective O'Brien's role as an investigator is central to the unfolding of the plot.

Her responsibilities include gathering evidence, interviewing witnesses, and building a case against the defendants. Her actions shape the narrative and provide a lens through which readers can understand the events leading up to the crime. O'Brien's investigative work represents the law enforcement side of the criminal justice system.

O'Brien's conduct as an investigator raises questions about the pursuit of justice and the potential biases that can influence the investigation process.

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Her interactions with witnesses and her approach to gathering evidence come under scrutiny, reflecting the broader concerns about the integrity of the legal system. Her decisions and methods impact the defendants' chances of a fair trial, highlighting the importance of ethical and unbiased investigative practices.

Furthermore, O'Brien's role exposes the power dynamics within the criminal justice system. Her position as a detective grants her authority, but it also places her in a position of responsibility. Her interactions with the accused, witnesses, and other individuals involved in the trial demonstrate the complexities of her role and the potential impact her decisions can have on the lives of those affected by the case.

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O'Brien's conduct also reflects the challenges of navigating the gray areas of law enforcement. While her intention may be to uncover the truth, the pressure to secure a conviction can influence her approach. Her testimony during the trial underscores the tactics employed by the prosecution to present a compelling case, raising ethical questions about the line between zealous advocacy and manipulation of the truth.

Detective O'Brien's character serves as a representation of the broader systemic issues within the criminal justice system. Her responsibilities and conduct highlight the potential for bias, the impact of power dynamics, and the ethical considerations that come with investigating and prosecuting crimes. Through O'Brien's character, Walter Dean Myers offers readers a glimpse into the intricacies of law enforcement, the pursuit of justice, and the complex interplay of factors that influence the outcomes of legal cases.

In conclusion, Detective O'Brien's role in "Monster" encompasses her responsibilities as an investigator and her conduct within the legal system. Her actions, interactions, and ethical dilemmas contribute to the novel's exploration of justice, identity, and the challenges within the criminal justice system. Through her character, Walter Dean Myers presents readers with an opportunity to reflect on the complexities and ethical considerations inherent in law enforcement and the pursuit of truth within the context of a criminal trial.

Updated: Aug 25, 2023
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