The Revolutionary War

Throughout mankind’s whole existence on this earth, there have been many revolutions but the French revolution is definitely one of the most impactful. The French Revolution started in 1789 and ended in the late 1790s. It was a cry for help from the lower class people who were tired of being squished down and mistreated by the king and his unfair decisions. The lower class started an uprising called the revolution against the king and current government laws. One of The top social classes that ruled at the time where monarchy, clergy, and nobility looking down upon the poor and the working class.

There was always a huge social divide between the wealthy and powerful clergy and nobility and the working people. The French economy was not doing so well along with ineffective strategies to make money by heavily taxing the lower classes while not doing the same to the nobility.

Age of enlightenment: Although it may not seem very important to this topic the age of enlightenment caused a lot of forwarding thinking in science and philosophy and the product of that was the people questioning the king’s right to rule, the Catholic church wealth and its influence in government.

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The king was very out of touch with a lot of France and seemed very ineffective. He was quick to back down from decisions and seemed like a weak ruler in general. Another thing that affected the French economy was the fact that the king helped out the American during their war against Britain, while it had little to no benefit for France it still led to them to have to rebuild their forces while having no money.

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The King proposed for the nobility to be taxed but as predicted nobody cooperated. Many people started to question the king and his right to rule as well. King lu brought in an estates-general giving each estate one vote which gave the clergy and nobility an advantage. The working people grew tired of this treatment so the national assembly was born. The Storming of the Bastille. Which was an attack of the lower class sending the message That big things were going to happen and they no longer were gonna sit back and be mistreated King Louis beheading` took place on January 21? This was a turning point because at this time no other country was taking king’s heads off. This leads to the rain of terror because the people finally got rid of an old government and started a new one.

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