The Relation in Hamlet Causes The Madness

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The relation can be friendships, couples, and employees. In the relation between couples, sometimes there is romantic and passionate love between two people because they can compensate each other for what they want, such as getting enough love and trust from each other; sometimes, love makes couples madness because they can't get what they want, like getting enough love from their lover. In Hamlet, Hamlet and Ophelia are lovers. And their love is like one part of Freud's psychoanalysis theory. Ophelia and Hamlet think that they have given all their love to their lover, but they can't get enough love they want.

They are not satisfied with their lovers and they have some conflicts in their relation, leading to their madness in the play.

However, they are not madness in the same way, because they are made for different purposes and different reasons. However, the relation between them does become one of the reasons for their different madness.

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This paper will analyze the reason and purpose of the two characters' madness and shows the difference and how the conflict in the romantic relationship between two characters (Ophelia and Hamlet) leads to their different madness. In Hamlet, Ophelia is a gentlewoman and became a mad lady because her father and brother left and Hamlet betrayed. Her madness is different from Hamlet and her madness is a mental illness, a real madness. She is a character who follows what his father and his elder brother said, and both of them didn't believe Hamlet's love for Ophelia is real.

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However, their departure did have a great impact on Ophelia's mental health. In Act 1, Scene 3, when her brother Laertes was going to study abroad, "my things are on the ship. Bye. Besides, my dear sister, as long as the wind is blowing and the ship is going, you must tell me the news "(line A1 S2 1-3).In the Act3, Polonius was killed accidentally when Hamlet expressed his anger to his mother. " Killing this man will make me walk faster. I'll drag his intestines to the next room "(Act3 S4 line208-211). It's one of the factors that leads her crazy. Besides, she had a crazy love for Hamlet, but Hamlet betrayed Ophelia because he needed to be crazy to all the people.

In Act 3, Hamlet expresses his views to Ophelia. " Yes, of course, because the power of beauty is more likely to turn a good girl into a prostitute than the power of goodness is more likely to turn a beautiful girl into a virgin. It used to be a good puzzle, but now I've solved it. I used to love you "(A3 S1 113-116). Also, the relation caused her madness. In any case, she was a very naive and submissive woman. At the suggestion of her brother and father, she chose to follow them away from Hamlet. " I will accept your words of wisdom and keep them firmly in my heart. " (A3 S1 line 45) .She had a crazy love for Hamlet while she followed the suggestion from her relative. And because of her father, brother's left and Hamlet betrayed in the relation. Under these two kinds of mental impact, her spirit was shocked. At last, she went mad and finally led to the death of her character. From another point of view, her madness is more like a kind of relief for her. She put herself into love and was constrained by her father. When she had neither, she felt nothing. Because of her characteristics, she had to devote herself to love and obey the advice of her elders.

In Hamlet, Hamlet's madness is different from Ophelia's madness. Hamlet's madness is false. Unlike Ophelia's madness, Hamlet has not been shocked by other people's different reasons and has not been lonely. Hamlet's madness is to pretend to be crazy to prepare for the revenge plan, In Act 3, Hamlet organized a play for the royal family to watch "great! I eat air because it's full of hope, like a chameleon. This is not the way to feed Capone (A3 S3 line 85-87). He tried to act like a mad man to Claudius for killing him without doubt and Claudius tried to find out the cause of Hamlet's madness. Also, Hamlet pretends that his madness is a way to express his dissatisfaction with his mother because he cannot get enough love from Ophelia and he is ashamed of his uncle Claudius and his mother's incest. In Act 3, Hamlet was sharing his angry with his mother after the end of the play. "A murderer and a villain, a loser who is not worth 20% of your ex-husband, a terrible king, a thief of the throne and kingdom, who stole the precious crown from the shelf and put it in his pocket." (A3S4 lines 94-98). This is his complaint to his mother. He can't bear the shame to his father and himself. Moreover, the idea of Hamlet's revenge was encouraged by the ghost of his father. In the first act, the ghost tells him the truth, "his most terrible murder. All murders are terrible, but this one is more terrible and unnatural "(a1s4, lines 27-28).

Hamlet's idea of unconscious revenge was stimulated and encouraged by the ghost of his father. This led to the formation of Hamlet's revenge plan. Hamlet was only controlled by the idea of revenge caused by his temporary mood and stubborn character and did not produce a series of mental disorders. Besides, he also vents his emotions through the madness. So, his madness can be controlled and utilized for him, so his madness is fake. However, his madness in disguise is a spiritual shock to Ophelia, one of which leads to her real madness. In Hamlet, because of his naivete and submissive character, Ophelia puts herself into love with Hamlet, but at the same time accepted the constraints of her father and brother. Ophelia is more confident that his pay will get perfect love. However, Hamlet pretended to be mad and betrayed Ophelia's love. In Act3, Polonius sends Ophelia for talking with Hamlet, to find out the cause of Hamlet's madness. "Now he's fallen so low! I am the most miserable of all The women who once enjoyed hearing his sweet words Noble and disciplined mind that sung like music is now harsh and Out of tune. The unmatched beauty he had in the full bloom of his youth has been destroyed by madness. O, poor me, to have Seen Hamlet as he was, and now to see this!"(line153-157 A3S1).

It can be seen from this that Ophelia felt pity when Hamlet turned madness. Ophelia also felt disappointed that she could not get a positive return from Hamlet when she devoted herself to love. It is because of his madness and betrayal in relation, Hamlet gave Ophelia great pressure in spirit, which led to the following madness. In addition, Hamlet is also a crazy pursuit in the emotional face of Ophelia, but Hamlet can not get enough love Ophelia although they are couples, but pretend to be crazy in front of Ophelia to vent their dissatisfaction. In Act 2, when Polonius showed the letters to Claudius. "You may doubt that the stars are fire, Doubt that the sun moves across the sky, Doubt if the truth is a liar, But never doubt my love. Oh, sweet Ophelia, I'm bad at poetry. I have no skill to put my feelings into words but do believe I love you best, Oh, too all, Believe it. Goodbye. Yours forever, my dearest lady, As long as this body is still mine, Hamlet."(A2 S2 Line 115-124). The letters show that Hamlet has a crazy love for Ophelia and he wants to get enough love from Ophelia. Their madness was caused by the conflict in their relationships. Polonius makes Hamlet and Ophelia quarrel with each other. Polonius did not believe Hamlet's declaration of love, so he advised Ophelia not to reply. In Act 1, while Laertes is studying In France, Ophelia is asking questions from Polonius, "In short, Ophelia, don't believe his court, which is little more than pimps dressed up in good clothes and pretending to be pious to lead you into bad behaviors. "(A1S3 Line123-125).

In the third chapter, Polonius sends Ophelia to find the reason for Hamlet's madness. "Ophelia, walk over here. -- (to CLAUDIUS) Your Majesty, if you agree, let's go hide. (to OPHELIA) -- Read this prayer book, to make you're being alone seemed natural. You know this is You can't do this because you can't do it. You can't do it because you can't do it. As if they're religious and devoted to God as a way to hide their Deeds. " A3C1Line45-50 ).And actions of Polonius makes them have conflict in relation while they are not satisfied with their lover because they can not get enough love from their lover. So the conflict in a relationship causes their madness Many people, often think that they have invested in love, crazy to pay all their love but think that they can get each enough love from others. But it's not that couples create emotional conflicts with their loved ones.

Even when their relationship turns from romance to tragedy, the relationship between Hamlet and Ophelia is a typical example. Both of them put themselves in love. Both of them have paid all the love they thought they had, but they are not satisfied with the return, even the betrayal of the couple and the neglect of their love. In the article, they have different feelings, and finally, because of different external reasons and purposes, the two protagonists go crazy. In my opinion, the love relationship between Hamlet and Ophelia needs more understanding and inclusion, especially Ophelia needs more inclusion of Hamlet because Hamlet is indeed an emotionally impulsive person, who also suffers from the grief of his father's death and the humiliation of his mother and his uncle's incest.


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Updated: Apr 19, 2023
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