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The Red Dog Film

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 3 (624 words)
Categories: Dog, Film, Movie, Movies In English
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‘’The world is a funny place, no? Sometimes you pick your dog, sometimes your dog picks you.’’ Quoted from the heart wrenching movie “red dog” filmed in a very small peaceful country town called Dampier. Good morning peers and fellow Australian Film Institute. The movie ‘Red Dog’ directed by Kriv Stenders should absolutely, no doubt, be placed in Top 10 Australian Films of all time.

The movie based on a true story is about a passionate red dog who roamed the great outback looking for his original master, finding his way into many loved hearts with every town he stops into.

Australians love animal films; remember Hachi, a dog’s tale when everyone’s heart melted or Phar Lap, Dusty, Skippy? Those are just to name a few however nothing compares to the love all Australians felt towards Koko.

The small, amusing and affectionate kelpie dog meets many people across his journey forming bonds that will last a life time with many people.

Red dog definitely features the theme of mateship as highlighted to the saying ‘’A man’s best friend.’’ This common representation is considered to be one of the best films of all time which is definitely depicted positively towards Australian society evidently being accepted in Australians top 10 films of all time.

There’s a lot to love with the movie Red Dog, the heart-warming main character, Koko and the beautiful cinematography of the whole movie appeals to the audience in a succinct way. The theme of mateship is definitely shown throughout the whole movie. As stated from the oxford dictionary definition of mateship: companionship or friendship, especially between men. No one could come between a man and his dog and throughout the movie and the audience was shown that.

Through the companionship of Koko going through such traumatic events just to find his owner and the friendship that no one could take such a strong bond between the canine and his owner. While the director portrays a beneficial representation of mateship he has also portrayed a true representation of the Australian landscape.

The small town in Western Australia based its setting to the Australian outback painting a picture in the viewers mind. Each character is different and has their own custom quirks giving the movie tasteful characters. The landscape that becomes important in Red Dog is the majestic scene of far-reaching roads or red desert, but relatively the rocky dirt track cresting the small hill by Johns place: a famous spot that becomes the emotional location of the film as red dog watches the track, waiting solemnly for his master to come home.

In reality evoking emotion from the audience that places that come to mean something to us are striking and majestic, so too in the film the important places is one that is simple yet symbolic. The main touching scene of Koko passing shows an eye level medium shot, blurring out the background making you focus on the main character.

Extreme long shots are also used to emphasise to viewers that the area setting is vast, open and bare. This shows a very desert like and country land. The movie also uses under shots to make the viewers feel small however long shots are used to show the character and where they are. The cinematographer makes brilliant use of the unique Australian light, the shadows and the intensity of the sun.

The movie would hook anyone in and should definitely be included in Australia’s Top 10 Films. Based on the analysis of the situation it would appear reasonable to conclude that it is an encouraging film that is impacted positively towards Australian society. . The movie appealed to the audience as the dog was accepted as person making it feel more realistic.

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