The Reasons Why I Love the Season of Fall

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Fall is my favorite of all the seasons. The ever-present array of colors. The changing of the leaves. The dropping, one-by-one as the wind gently blows by, leading me to the sight of bare branches displaying the few last leaves that are still holding onto that one last bit of summer joy. This beautiful scenery makes it known that the loss of leaves and bareness of branches will lead to a new blooming and branching out of a new season. The sight of leaves, seeds, and debris spread over the ground, supplying nature’s creatures with food for the upcoming winter months.

There are multiple reasons why I enjoy fall and why I view it as the best season of all the seasons.

Maple Trees and Their Colors

Growing up in northern Minnesota provided me with some of the most beautiful scenery. This is especially prominent in the season of fall, when the green leaves on a maple tree begin to change in an array of reds, golden yellows, deep purples, and a mixture of colors together.

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When I was a teenager, the color-changing maple leaves would provide me with the opportunity to find the leaf with the most colors on it so I could press it and preserve that memory in time. To this day, my favorite tree (the maple tree) holds a special place in my memories. This is why they are my favorite trees of the season. Fall provides many opportunities to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors.

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One of my favorite things to do is take photographs of my changing surroundings. Fall allows me to spend time outdoors relaxing while taking in the splendor of nature.

Campfires and S’mores

The arrival of coolness in the air provides us with an open invitation to say goodbye to summer and welcome the fall. This is a sign for us to put away the fun things that go along with summer and break out the fall yard tools for the change in the season. It is a time of family get-togethers by the campfire; a time for laughing, making s’mores, and star-gazing. This season shares togetherness and memories. It’s a time filled with the adventures of camping under the stars, four-wheeling, and off-season family vacations, or the many other opportunities for family quality time.

Fall Offers Reflection

Fall supplies me with a flood of childhood memories of times spent with my grandfather. Some of those best times were when we went fishing together. Reflecting back on those memories allows me to see how much I enjoyed that time of togetherness. When fall started to appear, I knew my grandfather and I would soon go on of one of our many fishing trips together, spent bonding and reminiscing. An everyday adventure to fill the freezer in time for winter. When the cooler nights set upon us, my grandfather would have many night-time campfires. This was a way for him to spend more time outdoors enjoying the fall splendor, reflecting on the day’s journey and the planning of the next day to come. My grandfather had a love for the season of fall. He appreciated the comfort, warmth, and family time that it provides. I find inspiration in that.


Autumn is a season filled with more than one holiday revolved around family: Labor Day, back to school, Halloween, and then Thanksgiving. These holidays are ones that allow families time to share togetherness and memories that last a lifetime, passing each down from generation to generation. It is a time for decorating with the colors of the fall splendor. The vibrant deep purples, golden yellows, and the bright reds that capture one’s sight. Another reason why I enjoy these holidays is the time spent with family reminiscing over the generations of family recipes passed down and sharing a fondness for the new ones to fallow.

Fall is not only a time of beauty and love for the outdoors, it is a time of embracing togetherness as a family and creating lasting memories that capture one’s heart for a lifetime. To capture the past time spent together with family and friends, to make room for added ideas to come, and to take in the journey of self-growth, this is why I consider fall my favorite season of all.

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