The Problem of Adolescents Terrible Twos

Do you remember what your child was like in the terrible twos? Most of your day was spent as a battle of the wills with your toddler. Multiply that by 8 and add a driver’s and you have another unique set of issues. Teens are stretching their wings and occasionally take a plunge. They are separating and developing independence, a necessary and normal process. As a parent of a teen, you probably feel like you are in a tug-of war. Pulling your teen toward curfews, homework, family, going to church.

Your teen wants fewer and farther boundaries, their own friends, their own decisions. This season of parenting requires more – more energy, more letting go, more trust in God, more trust in prayer. It’s thought to maintain the proper balance among what is our part, our child’s part, and God’s part in these important years.

It’s easy to see that parents need partners. When it comes to education children’s parents need more than a leg to stand on; in fact it needs three! Westminster Christian Academy has always understood the platform for success includes the home, the church and the school.

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When the legs of that educational stool are balanced, great things happen and young lives are transformed. The consistent God-centered message and biblical worldview in all three of those arenas encourages students to meet the challenges of a pluralistic world with a clear vision for God’s sovereign agenda. We are convinced this is God’s plan to change the world, one inspired young person at a time!

The educational philosophy at Westminster Christian Academy provides a firm foundation to creates a platform for student success.

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The three areas that contribute to this foundation are the home, church and school. When all three legs of the educational stool are balanced the student receives a consistent message in the areas that have the greatest impact in a young life. Student who have God’s word infused into their academic experience develop a biblical worldview, where they see the world as interpreted through scripture knowing that God is sovereign and all things are created by Him. Westminster’s partnership with the home and school supports the family’s desire to expose students to Biblical truth. The consistent message of truth enables student to become stronger in their faith, learn truth in all subjects, and develop their God-given gifts.

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