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The Pressure of International Students

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 4 (837 words)
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With the development of globalization, greater education plays a progressively important function in a nation’s development. So increasingly more students, in order to get the better education choose to study abroad. Numerous people covet the trainees who can study in foreign country to get the innovative education. Nevertheless, it is hard to picture the pressure of global trainees when they are studying abroad. Trainees’ pressure originates from different elements, however 3 of the most essential pressures including feeling, culture and research study.

It implies international trainees will face psychological loneliness, culture shock and the difficult knowing task. Initially, one of the factors that trainees’ pressure appear is emotional solitude. Prior to students’ departure, they normally feel really delighted. Since they have plenty of interest about the life in a foreign country, and they have expectations to live alone. However when they actually leave, there is an incredible contrast from enjoyment and expectation to loss. A Chinese author has written a book about his trainee life in Canada.

He explained his feeling in that time: entirely astonished. When he arrived, he found a great deal of things were not as he thought. In an unknown environment, he should resolve the problems alone. Because of the language barrier, he hesitated and confused. (Wang and Liu) A psychologist explained that many immigrants have psychological issues, and international trainees’ reflection is more apparent. (Zhao) Due to the fact that they are usually only one person living outside, they lack communication with their families so they will feel homesick. Students’ emotional solitude will cause many problems.

For example, a trainee from Changsha studied in Australia. When she got here there, she couldn’t integrate into the community and had no contact with other people. Due to the fact that she did not communicate with the outside world, eventually she had psychological disease. (Yu) For That Reason, not every student has the ability to stand up to the torture of isolation. The second issue most global students experience is culture shock. As people all know, various countries have different cultures. There are many problems in adjusting to a brand-new culture.

When students first arrive in a foreign country where is speaking a different language, the first problem they met is probably the language. In most case, students can’t communicate as well as natives due to their poor English ability. Even though some students have high mark in IELTS, they find that it is hard to communicate with others face to face because there are different accents for different people. (Petasis) Moreover, different cultures may lead to misunderstandings. For instance, in North America, students’ essay must give references; otherwise, it will be seen as plagiarism.

But some countries do not emphasize this part, so students may not pay attention to the references and get zero. On the other hand, international students are treating as Martians by local students. (Petasis) Because international students are different from them, such as language, dress, behavior or customs, they may dislike international students. So sometime they would ask some questions in order to insult international students. This culture shock will make students full of surprise, confusion or disorientation and so on, thus causing heavy pressure for them.

In addition, as a student, the most stressful thing certainly is study. At first, international students must study in the second language; it will be more difficult than in their own language. Frank Miao, the Dean of FELC said: “Because of language limitations, it is not easy for students to fully understand what the professors say. A large number of international students in Canada can not pass the language test, so most of them must spend a long time in ESL. ” (Miao) At the same time, even if they can access the professional courses, they can’t adapt to the new teaching system.

A Korean student shared his experience: “in my country, students can be pass just do the final project well, but in UK, professors put more emphasis on the process of the project. ” So he needed more time to adapt this change. (Sovic) As international students have many issues with their study, they usually do not have a good mark at the beginning. So many students fail a few courses is a common thing. However, when they find that they can not catch up with other students, they were under a lot of pressure.

Even worse is, some international students can not burden their heavy load of study, so they choose end their lives. Nicholson) Obviously, there is a great impact on students by the burdensome learning task. All in all, it is not easy for international students because they face many problems when they study abroad. With their emotion, they feel loneliness will cause mental illness. Furthermore, they will go through the issue is culture shock. Of course, the heavy load of study makes students feel upset. All of these are tough to withstand. For this reason, counseling for international students to help them relieve stress is particularly important.

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