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The trip will be organised primarily by the students but with the teacher observing the communication between third party companies (i. e. tour operator, coach companies, etc). Task 1: Feasibility Of An Event Why Are We Organising This Trip? This trip is being organised for business students at the Leigh Academy to explore international business, as well as to see how these businesses operate and function according to their culture and beliefs.

There are several tasks that must be undertaken, such as researching the feasibility of the event, planning the event, staging the event and making sensible and concise recommendations.

Before I start I will define the word Feasibility, it defines as a determination that a process, procedure or plan can be successfully accomplished. In some cases it may not be feasible to run an event due to practicalities. Before any plans can take place for an event a feasibility study should be undertaken, this will determine if such plans could be practically undertaken.

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This includes ensuring everything is satisfactory with the party that is going, to make sure enterprise and business activities are taking place, and to make sure that there is enough interest to make the event worthwhile. What are the reasons for holding an event? Within our society there are many reasons why people attend events, for instance for cultural, national and exciting reasons. Before I name a few examples I will list different types of events below.  Special Event This is an event that is explicit and/or significant and that is outside of a normal set of events.

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For example ‘Live Aid’.  Mega Event This is an event that is on a large-scale, that usually influences a national society, such as the Olympic Games or Premier League Football.  Hallmark Events This type of event is usually specified at a certain religion or party, this could include Easter Sunday at church or a party celebrating the age of a town.  Major Events This type of event is there to provide important benefits and substantial interest to the local community, such as the local MP elections.

This type of event relates to the interest of specific segments of society, such as political parties (e. g. conservative and labor). Business Events This event is staged by a business organisation, such as the AGM.  Other Events This categorizes a huge range of events. Arranging from an exchange trip, the traveling party will have to take into account factors such as currency, native languages, different cultures and accommodation. I will now below discuss different events and provide a real-life example for each.

Social Events This can be any event that allows us to be with friends and experience an event that is considered to be ‘fun’. For example agricultural fairs, night clubs and parties.  Festivals and Religious Events All religions around the globe have their own religious events annually, for example Christians celebrate Easter and the Jews celebrate Yom Kippur.  Conferences and Exhibitions These are primarily for businesses to enhance its image to other businesses and individuals, these types of events vary in size and audience.

For example a business introducing a new product to the market.  Work-Based Events These types of events are usually hosted by certain businesses, to increase relationships between staff within a business, it is also there to increase motivation within a business, such events include Christmas parties and product launches.  Fund Raising Events These types of events are there to encourage people to donate money for a good cause, for example for a charity group. For example for a ‘disabilities charity’.  Corporate Hospitality.

These are events that are set up by businesses to provide hospitality and entertainment to invited individuals and parties to develop relationships and new to introduce new business. For example Microsoft could host a party to attract new clients like banks (e. g. HSBC) to use its software.  Sports Events A sport event usually comprises of different teams competing with one another with particular sport(s), these type of events are usually held to celebrate the sport (e. g. for football, they host the Premiership League). In some cases these are events are their to raise money for charity.

For example the ‘Special Olympics’. Aims and Objectives The aims and objectives of an event are crucial as these must be met to make the event feasible. All of the objectives have to be SMART, this means that they have to be;  Specific The objectives should identify what you want to accomplish and be focused upon the aim of the event.  Measurable The objectives should be able to be measured wherever you are meeting the objectives or not. Aims and Objectives (Continued) Achievable The objectives set must be achievable and reasonable considering the resources and budget for the event.

Realistic The objectives must be realistic considering the resources that are available for the event.  Time Significant time should be organised to achieve the objectives. The Aims  To educate the students about international business, this is to make students aware of how international businesses operate in contrast to how businesses in our local community operate.  To provide reasonable health and safety throughout the trip, this is to make sure that all the transportation and accommodation is ‘fit for purpose’ and that it is at a satisfactory standard.

To provide the event at a satisfactory price which students can afford, this is arranging a suitable trip that is at a reasonable price considering the things that are included in the trip. To make the trip exciting, this is to make the students focused on the trips, therefore taking them to amenities that are considered to be interesting and will not bore the students.  To understand the different cultures and way of life in international countries, this is looking at major differences between our home culture and values compared to international countries.

To take appropriate notes for Unit 12 – International Dimensions, this should be done during day-trips and when experiencing Prague life. The Objectives To go on trips and visit several international businesses, therefore research and asking the tour operators for their views and opinions. It may be worth looking up reviews from other visitors, such as looking on tripadvisor. com. This should be ideally done during the first two weeks of planning the event.  To follow the guidelines and policies set by the Academy and Government.

Looking at LEA guidelines on international trips in school. This should be done before the Academy agrees with a tour operator going on the trip. The Objectives (Continued)  To contact several tour operators and negotiate prices, this can be done by gathering different prices, and playing them off with one another, this may encourage them to reduce their prices further to win us over. This can be done during the first two weeks of planning the event; this can be done whilst we were looking at the Academy and Government procedures.

Allow students and teachers to choose trips which are to their liking, this would involve conducting a questionnaire (primary research) on what types of trips students want to attend. This should be done before any planning is done of the trip.  To do research on the destinations culture and attitudes and observing it on the trip, this can be done by looking at websites that provide information about the different cultures and believes, such as looking on the BBC’s website, this will allow the students to understand these before they arrive. This should be done several weeks before the trip by both the teachers and students.

To write down appropriate notes, when assisted by teachers, this will allow students to have sufficient notes when doing the International Dimension unit (after the trip). Research About The Trip It is a part of the process reviewing the feasibility for an event. Therefore it is required to do in-depth research, this enables us, the event planners, to investigate what sort of reaction there might be to an event and then to use the research and collected information to make judgments on the proposed trip. Primary Research Primary research is information that is new and created to gain information that is for the purpose of the event.

Therefore this research will be conducted on behalf of the students and teachers. We will use a range of methods such as discussions, questionnaires and presentations. Although this type of research is quite expensive and time-consuming it does give us reliable information. Within this research we will be able to include findings such as;  What sources of funding there might be for the event  Wherever students will attend the event.

What the prospect of the event from those that are attending  What costs will be found for the students to payThroughout this project the students have held several meetings about organising the trip and allocating tasks to team members, all of the agenda’s, outcomes and other meeting justifications can be found at the back in the projects appendix.

The Choice of Event When deciding different choices of events, it is important to start thinking about the success of an event being staged. Therefore research must be conducted prior to announcing the event, significant planning must be done, staging the event and acknowledge different individuals contribution to the event, as well as making recommendations that could ideally improve the event.

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