The Place Full of Happiness and Joy

As I sat watching the Turkish news on July 15, 2016 I knew I would never be able to go back to my happy place. My happy place is my grandmother’s backyard in Izmir, Turkey. I began to ask myself and requested what good reason that put? Why not some places near like Laguna Beach? I at that point acknowledged how much my grandmothers lawn holds in me. It is the environment that gives you joy and happiness. It is the thought of being free with zero worries on your mind.

Is it even possible to describe a place filled with love and many happy memories? My happy place was where I discovered harmony with my family, the sea was on a stage ahead, and in spite of the fact that I hold a profound distress, notwithstanding contemplating and imagining my grandma’s wonderful backyard with the perspective of a sea is what makes me relaxed.

Every moment spent with your family should be kept sacred.

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Each second together counts, I recall about the times I spent with them in Turkey they were very precious. We would wake up, and the girls of the family would get the breakfast ready. As we prepared the food, the guys would set up the table and make Turkish tea outside in our special samovar. Family is what makes us all. It is an association sent to us by the Creator. I can share my happiness with them in my difficult times. Unfortunately, sometimes we don’t know the value of this.

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Family is the most valuable asset of the human mind. We should never be able to grieve any of our family’s love. I always try to remember the good days I had spent with my family when I tend to be stressed. My uncle would always explain his childhood memories in the house that my grandfather built with a beautiful view of the sea was this place of joy, and his most valuable memories laid right beneath his feet. As he explained stories I noticed that my mother’s eyes started to tear up, I was always confused to how she could possibly start crying in a beautiful environment. I later on concluded that she had been living in misery for 14 years because she had to leave this beautiful home and make America her new home. I deeply understood how hard it must have been to leave her happy place and migrate to America. Her once happy place now became my happy place. I never forget that a family is worth a thousand worlds.

The ocean view is the aspect of my grandmother’s backyard that made me fall in love once again. Every time I would go to Turkey the only place I wanted to stay was my grandmothers house. I would always wake up at 5 in the morning to watch the sunrise over the ocean. Now that it is impossible for me to relive my happy moments, I always “imagine an ocean beach, with calm waves returning to the shore and warm breezes blowing in their hair and the smell of salt in the air” (Yeager 1). As I watched the sunrise, my eyes would capture every moment of the waves, the view of the birds chirping through the clouds, and the sun slowly starting to heat up my cold body were all once my happy place. My grandmother’s backyard made me realize that the sea was not just a body of water for me. I contemplated every second. I know people who cannot live without the sea, who cannot live in some cities because there is no view of a possible sea. I found them funny because in the past the ocean was just an enormous pile of water for me. Although “this place, this quiet, clean spot became my happy place to which I mentally travelled when I needed to unwind” (Yeager 1).

The ocean can help me through how “having an emotional connection with nature can help reduce mental ailments such as anxiety, anger, and aggressiveness” (Heisz 1). I’m the one who can’t live without sea. In the summer heat ice-cold waters to cool off, dining in dinners. The sea beauty, sea happiness is for me. I am always going to Embrace the sea. It brings me to infinity. Even Though my happy place is the view from my grandma’s house, to make myself feel a bit better I always go to my favorite spot which is Corona Del Mar in Newport Beach. I can’t wake up to the sunrise although I can drive and watch the sunset. Indeed, there is a different vitality in the sea. There is a mysterious air that takes people’s nerves and stress away. This mystery of the sea, combined with the mystery of the sky designs a different beauty.

I have found my happy place 4 years ago, I can’t go back and revisit my happy place because Turkey is no longer a safe place to visit. The failed 2016 coup attempt was a military coup attempt that accused to be by a group of FETÖ members of the Terrorist organization, although it wasn’t them, it was solely the government, and the president who defined themselves as the Magistrates Council. No one knows if it is safe to go back. It is not a risk to take. I am living in deep grief for the past 4 years that I haven’t been able to go see my happy place and relive my memories. In 2016 Turkey had lived its biggest tragedy since 1980. President Tayyip Erdogan plays a major role in my grief to my happy place. I have a vision that one day everything will be settled and I will almost certainly rejoin with my happy place. When I go there I won’t leave for quite a while.

A happy place should be somewhere a person can contemplate with themselves. Satisfaction of the individual’s heart resembles fluttering wings of flying creatures, in light of the absence of a tremendous grin. It gives significance and magnificence to our lives with its positive vitality. My happy place was the place I found concordance with my family, the ocean was on a phase ahead, and regardless of the way that I hold a significant misery, despite mulling over and envisioning my grandmother’s superb patio with the point of view of an ocean is the thing that makes me loose.

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