The Philosophy of Helping: How Lending a Helping Hand Might Change Your Life for the Better

We face a lot of challenges in life. Obstacles that sometimes are hard to overcome. They can be painful, while others can be a life changer, an obstacle that can brighten someone’s future and change them for the better. The challenges that I experienced has been the driving force in formulating my personal helping philosophy on wanting to become a social worker. Being born in the Dominican Republic was not easy. Smelling the hard work of daily struggle and seeing my parents sweat each and every day to be able to provide for me and my siblings is my motivation to one day become their pride and joy.

In 2002, my mother, two brothers and I immigrated to the United States. It was an ugly, snowy winter evening when my uncle decided to evict us out of his house. We had only been in this new land for a month and had no idea what direction to take. Stranded, confused, and scared, we slept on the streets that bitterly cold night.

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As we dreaded the future, we cried, “What is going to happen to us?” I was only eight years old, and I felt that the world was already ending. Immigrating to the United States for a better life was our goal, but we faced an uphill battle.

At this very moment of darkness, my Godmother rescued my family and me from the streets and took us into her very humble home.Since that time, our hardships have not quite ended.

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Financial and cultural difficulties have always played a major role in our lives. Even though I was eight years old that cold evening, my eyes were opened to the reality that I faced in this country. Ever since the terrible encounter my family and I had with my uncle, my perspective has changed completely. My life experiences made me who I am today. Seeing all the sacrifices my parents went through and the struggle that I personally experienced is the reason why I want to become a social worker. I want to be able to help, guide, and lead those who are in need, those who struggle on a daily basis, and those who doubt their ability to meet their goals and full potential. My professional experiences have also helped me shape my philosophy. I have volunteer in many difference places that has helped me gain experience and challenge my knowledge. I have volunteer in nursing homes, food pantries, women’s shelter, and serve food to the homeless people.

This have helped me get out of my comfort zone, socialize with people, and extend my help to those in need. I also worked for the non-profit social service agency called Community Access Unlimited, located in Elizabeth, NJ. I worked for the transitional opportunities program with youth at risk. I was an assistant support counselor to an all boys group home. I assisted the youth with daily living skills, administered medication, conducted EVR (educational, vocational, and recreation) meetings and support plan meetings. In the support plan meeting I was able to meet with the youth guardian if they had one, DCP&P, CMO, and behaviorist to go over the youth goals, behavior, and achievements. I also did treatment plans, budgeting, and documented daily and monthly reports. Although, I was in charged of five different members, I always had one on one meetings as well as group therapy. I was able to help each member in different ways. I had the opportunity to guide them through there hardship, link them to different resources that will help alleviate them from the stressor, help them find employment, and meet their fullest potential. This job gave me the opportunity to expose myself in different ways. It helped me gain the experience needed and gave me the extra push in wanting to become a social worker. My beliefs, values, and ethics guided me to build the passion to help those in need. I believe that we all need to be as willing to give just as much help to others as we receive. We need to be grateful, perseverant and compassionate with others. I learned how to be a hardworking, an independent person, and to never give up. This made me realize the heart that I have for helping others.

We need to humble ourselves to be able to land a helping hand. Helping is about listening, supporting, and providing those in need with different resources and ways that they can help themselves and at the same time become independent. Helping a person means that you are saving someone’s life, someone that can possibly be in danger, or is drowning with their personal problems. Providing the guidance can definitely make a difference in their life. It can change them for the better and give them the motivation they need. In my personal perspective helping is achieved by just being there for that person and letting them know that they are not alone. Guiding them every step of the way until they are able to have self-confidence, self-care, be independent, and have a positive mindset.

My personal values and beliefs will impact my role as a professional social worker. I have build a passion to help others that no one will take away. I have gained a lot of experiences that will help me, help my clients to the best of my ability. My beliefs and values will push me to work extra harder with my clients. It is important for me to know and understand the importance of my personal values and beliefs and how much it can impact not only my professional role as a social worker but as well as my clients. Overall, the main reason why I want to become a social worker is mainly because of my my life experiences and the struggles that I seen my parents go through. I am extremely passionate and enthusiastic about helping others. I want to be able to guide all my clients to be a better version of themselves. I want them to never feel that they are alone or that there is not a way out. I want to be that social worker that will improve her client’s life for the better. A bright future is awaiting, not only for my future clients but also for me.

Updated: Feb 22, 2024
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