The Phenomenon Of Gated Communities Cultural Studies Essay

This paper explores the topic of gated communities being a globally prevailing urban or quasi-urban signifier: which comparatively late have quickly become widespread within Polish metropoliss.

The writer 's involvement in analyzing the subject arose from a echt concern over the hereafter of metropolitan layouts and how they are worryingly being determined by the lifting figure of bastioned enclaves. The inclination of enveloping communities does non merely use to new lodging, but besides bing streets, flats built in the yesteryear, standalone edifices, and whole residential territories.

Blakely and Snyder ( 1999 ) depict these communities as a new signifier of favoritism, an economical 1. Earlier, 1s societal position has been asserted by the architectural denseness of parts of the metropolis and architectural ornamentation of the edifices. However, gated communities are heading one measure further underscoring the economical segregation by making physical barriers supporting the handiness, privatize the public infinite and societal life facets such as safety ( private security alternatively of constabularies attention ) , educational and communal service.

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More frequently dwellers of those lodging estates 'sweep yesteryear ' through their secured public infinites to similar 1s in their work topographic point, mega shops, or recreational Centres. Gated communities are making a new, private universe which turns into an insular environment ( Zaborska 2006 ) .

Alternatively, Jacek GA…decki ( 2009: 25 ) believes that a all right line should be established between planetary and local procedures, as 'there are GC illustrations which faultlessly adapt to their local: urban, societal, economic and cultural conditions and are often good perceived. '

Using both descriptive and prognostic attacks the topic has been investigated through collected literature, resident interviews, analytical research of bing gated communities in Poland and instance surveies of bing gated communities in Poland, which the writer has personally examined through frequent site visits and legion illustrations of day-to-day imperativeness columns in which the discourse has grown greatly over the past decennary.

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The reader has to admit that the 'bountifulness and ambiguity of local and international discourses illustrate that Gated Communities come into being from diverse principles and are making different types of societal worlds ( GA…decki 2009: 66 ) '

Therefore, the writer 's purpose is to turn out that life in an enclosed community in Poland creates merely an semblance of safety, and that edifice fortresses is turning off from the existent job. The in-between category life amongst themselves stops hold oning concerns the whole society should cover with. Constructing an enclosed universe, ghettos available for selected citizens, elite lodging estates, where admittance is forbidden to take down societal categories, which in consequence could take to the turning defeat among the lower category.

' ( aˆ¦ )

I got a missive today, a missive from a friend

He writes - mate, you 've betrayed, gained a heap of hard currency and weight

You no longer travel by ropeway, times have changed

so much

I guess you do n't retrieve me any longer, seemingly you live in luxury

You must hold forgot, what 's a crowded coach like

( aˆ¦ ) '

Staszczyk, Z. ( 1997 ) :

T.Love - Komercja ( Commercialism )

Phenomenon ORIGINS

The common definition of gated communities refers to a physical country seceded off its urban context with fenced or walled barriers and entree paths patrolled by an around the clock security ( Landman 2000 ) . Although the elements dividing these enclaves from the outside universe are comparable, the footing for this occurrence is non common and is straight related to its scene ( GA…decki 2009: 66 ) .

Blakely and Snyder ( 1999 ) depicting the turning figure of enclosed communities in USA, named three types, different because of the inhabitation motive and type of dwellers:

aˆ? Lifestyle- inhabited by people populating in a specified life style ( for case: golf partisans, retired people etc. ) - designed for giving wealthier people comfortss they could non happen elsewhere

aˆ? Prestige- underscoring the adhesion to a higher category

aˆ? Security- making a feeling of physical and societal safety

GA…decki ( 2009: 23 ) mentioning Landman uses the class of race and power when explicating the spread of GCs in apartheid. This is one of the most utmost illustrations, as these are a byproduct of a totalitarian government in which people were forced to separation instead than the indicated being a affair of pick.

However, the visual aspect and probe of gated communities does non associate entirely to North American states. In 1980s and 1990s this new motion started making big European metropoliss of Spain, France and Portugal, every bit good as South African, Chinese, Central and Eastern European cities ( PolaA„ska 2010: 423 ) . In the latter, the ground for gating enclaves go oning and the urban economic transmutation had a close relation to the 1989 prostration of the Communist-led disposals and socio-political transmutation to post-communist / capitalist systems. The economic transition from bid economic system towards a free market orientated, thereby the upward importance and rapid enrichment of center and upper category citizens and more seeable 'cleavages between the rich and the hapless ' ( PolaA„ska 2010: 421 ) , materialized in the omnipresent quasi-urban signifier of Gated Communities.

It has been over twenty old ages since the Capitalist system has been introduced in Poland. In legion articles and publications, one can detect the inclination of typecasting the Communist province as 'the bad ' and the capitalist as 'good ' , whereas good and bad sides can be distinguished in both. Therefore, the past two decennaries and the current province 's status needs reflecting upon some unrealized outlooks and unwanted alterations in society 's behavior, inherently associated with its political transmutation.

Architectural leanings of Twenty century Poland, before the 1939 Third Reich armed struggle and instantly following USSR aggression under the Ribbentrop-Molotov confederation compact, were non exceptionally different from European tectonic inclinations. Immediately after the business of Warsaw, Nazi Germany introduced the Pabst Plan. Performed under the leading of the freshly appointed Chief Architect - Friedrich Pabst, the novel development program anticipated destruction of the bulk of the capital 's built environment to transform it into a provincial town with the exclusive intent of being a Centre for the German elite and a strategic conveyance hub. The five-year German business led to the destruction of full vicinities and Polish cultural memorials ( NDAP: 2011 ) , every bit good as the devastation of communities by coercing certain members of society into enclosed ghettos and slums.

The Country 's resurgence came with the terminal of II World War under the Soviet domain of influence ( Majewski, n.d. ) . This coincided with the debut of socialist pragmatism to Poland. Originated in 1930 's the Soviet art motion - socialist pragmatism - became the 'only legitimate ' method of artistic creative activity exhibiting and claping 'comrade ' political orientations, thereby going one of the chief Communist parties ' propaganda tools ( MordyA„ski 2006: 4 ) .

This politically extremist motion has been ab initio introduced by BolesA‚aw Beirut - the first leader of the Peoples ' Republic of Poland and the caput of province from 1947 - during the 1949 PZPR ( Polish United Workers ' Party ) Warsaw Conference, during which the 'Six-year program for Warsaw 's Reconstruction ' has been announced.

The capital reconstructed during the interwar period has been described as unfortunate, because built to fulfill each tenement house proprietors ' 'lust ' of wealth, whereas the proprietor himself, as an 'exploiter and speculator ' , peoples ' adversary opposing the forming of the new Warsaw - as the capital of the socialist province. The proletariat protagonists proclaimed backing over the 'oppressed ' workers ' category by seting the 'perfect metropolis program ' into consequence and bettering their purportedly hapless pre-war life conditions. State 's chief aim became the salvage of its parks, forced to populate disadvantaged of light cellar flats and top tenement narratives confronting 'gloomy ' courtyards in favour of the 'capitalist middle class ' all inclusive first floor flats.

The constitution of the society 's new socialist pragmatism order depended upon set abouting drastic alterations in the urban reinforced signifier. A great figure of survived historic tenement houses, which endured the II World War air barrage of Nazi Germany planes and Pabst Plan cleansing, have been scheduled for destruction to do manner for the execution of 'realistic plants of architecture, matching to the high civilization and art of socialism, stuff and religious demands of the state 's development ' ( MordyA„ski 2006: 3-4 ) .

'Interacting and radiating the whole state will speed up and escalate the originative attempt of socialist building in the remotest and most neglected vicinities and parts of the province. '

BolesA‚aw Bierut

From: Marzenie o idealnym mieA›cie - Warszawa socrealistyczna

( The dream of a perfect metropolis - societal realistic Warsaw ) ( 2006 )

( interlingual rendition: Writer )

However, the 'decimation ' of a great portion of eclectic, art nouveau and inter-war buildings was non the lone passage the new socialist society had to face. Along with the debut of the independent directive certain behavioral wonts were planned to be imposed on future dwellers.

It was believed that the metropoliss ' urban built signifier needed to carry through entirely the realistic demands of their residents. The capitalist individuality has been openly criticized, which became most evident in both metropolis planning and single residential layouts.

'The new Warsaw can non be a repeat of the former. It can non be merely simply improved, or go a revised repeat of the prewar community of private involvements of the capitalist society '

BolesA‚aw Bierut ( 1949 )

The dream of a perfect metropolis - societal realistic Warsaw ( 2006 )

( interlingual rendition: Writer )

In this mode, the socialist pragmatism coterie endeavoured to make genuinely inspiring urban scenes, infinites of communal interaction filled to the lip with public squares, civilization houses, public dining suites, arcades and colonnades, opposed to cramped tenement houses flats ' nothingness of cookery, wash and drying installations - underscoring the elevated ranks of its fresh societal motion with its monumentality, and at the same clip despotically ordering national collectiveness.

Therefore the quest for rooting the national acquaintance met with great public unfavorable judgment. The societal realist vision of a incorporate province has been withdrawn when the Communist demiurges realised their failure in pass oning socialist features of procedures happening in life, or life procedures that are non absolutely socialist. ( MordyA„ski 2006: 5-8 ) .

The societal realist 'thaw ' in the communist axis states followed the decease of Joseph Stalin in 1953. Stalinist absolutism, cult of personality and the entire entry of USRR civil order have been criticized by the new The Central Committee of Polish United Workers ' Party leader- Nikita Khrushchev. Berated signifier of command has been 'sentenced ' to the Orwellian vaporization in the commanding officer 's 1956 'Personality Cult and its Consequences ' paper, which called for the continuity of the independent province system, sole of the condemned citizen/fellow dignitary panic administration and 'courteous ' coexistence of Communist and capitalist universes. ( Tomaszewska: n.d. )

The reprove of the cult of personality along with the socialist functionalism political orientation in hunt of an option to the highly expensive architecture of socialist pragmatism, unable to get by with the increasing demand for residential edifices, has found contemplation in modernist planning and mass-produced prefabricated architecture. Thereafter, multi-storey concrete slab estates began to rule the bulk of Polish metropoliss ' skylines, therefore lifting to the juncture and mending the lodging deficit state of affairs, every bit good as going the fresh urban signifier showcasing the socialist chase of civilians ' life conditions uniformity and standardisation ( Wieteska 2007 ) . Ironically, the 'example comes from the top ' stating was non applied in distributing the societal classless political orientation, where the party terminology voluntarily isolated themselves from the remainder of the society by populating closed off castles and fenced buildings ( GA…sior-Niemiec: 2007 et Al. ) .

These estates were and still are in discredit for their crowded layouts, hapless quality concrete building caused by the accelerated procedure of hardening and inefficient thermal belongingss ( Semczuk: 2010 ) . Despite this, one needs to admit that its creative activity was the best solution at the clip to the lodging deficit in a state tumbled-down by ageless wars and businesss.

The hitherto booming building sector stalled due to 80 's economic crisis. Failure in refunding foreign loans taken in Western states, by deduction foreign debt growing, stalled a great figure of domestic investings. Deteriorating lodging market, working conditions and rocketing goods monetary values caused a bustle of protests, which later led to the formation of the Solidarity brotherhood. This sequence of events forced the Communist Party to carry on dialogues, ensuing in the 1989 surcease of laterality and transportation of power to the reactivated chamber of deputies and presidential term ( Madej: 2005 ) .

Transformation of the political system, foreign capital influx and freshly introduced jurisprudence amendments, chiefly citizenship and constitution freedom, allowed the replacing of the to a great extent indebted state-building co-operatives with private belongings companies. Traveling off from the omnipresent communist times exemplification, the diverseness of available built stuffs and developed engineering has allowed for the execution of assorted architectural constructs ( Communist clip 's building: 2010 ) . Majewski ( n.d ) distinguished three phases in the history of Polish architecture after the autumn of communism. In the first period, a huge measure of edifices designed by Western designers was built. The little group of emerged developers sought to accomplish rapid return on their investing ; therefore these edifices are characterized by hapless quality of craft and the usage of edifice stuffs. The 2nd period was characterized by the growing and stabilisation of the state 's economic system. Hence the outgrowth of many new development bureaus and a scope of architectural design companies to take from. Third - near the terminal of the 90 's the economic system continued to turn strong and became brimful of big graduated table developers. Companies exposed to building sector competition were forced to present more attractive offers and selling publicities in order to get new clients. PolaA„ska ( 2010: 427 ) comments the stereotyped categorization used: the inclination of negatively portraying the 'old ' as the clip of contemporarily loathed prefabricated concrete slab estates and the 'new ' as the period of residential wealth and freedom. GA…sior-Niemiec ( 2007:6 ) on the other manus juxtaposes this fact with citizens ' turning income and statutory disparities, deficiency of assurance in the provinces ' 'inefficiency ' and inability to guarantee security. As a effect the capitalist system and its societal stratification and secure life styles have been introduced in the signifier of Gated Communities.

Harmonizing to Katarzyna Zaborska ( 2006 ) the chief ground for fencing the communities in Poland is the exigency of security. Enclosed fenced enclaves could be the reaction to long old ages of reigning communism, when personal ownership was stigmatized, and is coming back in an overdone signifier of bastioned flats. The leaning of Communist Poland was to unify societal beds in communal flats, which fuelled turning defeat and could be another factor that triggered the exigency of isolation and underlining association to a higher societal class. Coexistence of countries inhabited by people with different incomes consequences in the feeling of hazard within wealthier citizens.

' ( aˆ¦ )

When I 'm looking in your eyes,

which are so tired as mine

I 'm loving this metropolis, which is tired as I

Where Hitler and Stalin did their material

( aˆ¦ ) '

Staszczyk, Z. ( 1994 ) :

T.Love - Warszawa ( Warsaw )


The public kingdom is defined as all those countries that are publically owned and unreservedly accessible to citizens, by and large at all times of the twenty-four hours and dark ( Ritzer: 2007 ) . Tridib Banerjee ( 2007: 155 ) mentioning Lynch defines these districts as 1s being accessible both physically and psychologically, consecutively underscoring how critical such infinites are in making successful urban environments, happily and invariably occupied by the populace.

In this context and specifically with respect to the fact that a great trade of human business and interaction occur around and within: streets, lanes, paths, waies, Parkss, unfastened infinites every bit good as public and civic edifices, one would expect coherent and legible motion schemes within and across urban blocks.

Unfortunately, in the absence of equal capital financess, by deduction failure to supply sufficient metropolis enlargements, the bulk of Central and Eastern European provinces had to trust on private sector fiscal support. ( GA…decki: 2009 et Al. )

In her paper, PolaA„ska ( 2010 ) competently grasps the lost boundary between public and private infinites in connexion with Poland 's socio-political and economic revolution. The abolition of the Communist government necessarily transformed the heretofore equal society 's societal position to a fresh societal stratification. This public cleavage deeply underlined public place inequalities between persons, accordingly 'stretching societal distances ' , in consequence: triping the feeling of ill will amongst lower and upper category citizens. In this mode, Jane Jacobs ' ( 1961 ) 'social capital ' theory relating to the significance of relationships and interactions in order to make a strong sense of community has been altered significantly.

The term societal capital refers to a web of corporate bonds inscribed in the societal construction of a community. The writer stresses the importance of these societal interactions and their part to determining neighborhood connexions, trust, mundane sociableness and most significantly diverseness ( Jacobs: 1961 ) . In the instance of gated communities, the spread of this citizenship co-operation and corporate duty is being limited spatially, by detaching whole residential territories from their urban cloth with the creative activity of a physical barrier in the signifier of a fencing, every bit good as mentally - by restricting the development of societal diverseness through the creative activity of enclaves merely available to higher societal position representatives.

' ( aˆ¦ ) Our vicinity stands as it used to

So many of us became hapless herein

Our metropolis stands as it used to

Busy by twenty-four hours, few by dark

Individually instead, yet jointly

In one flat, like kamikaze

We do n't endure from money or power

Yet this 'collectively ' does our caputs in '

Staszczyk, Z. ( 2006 ) :

T-Love - Ascierwo ( Carcass )

The rapid societal category transmutation in footings of cultural penchants, work, ingestion and remainder theoretical accounts of the neo-liberal in-between category citizens has been widely described by GA…decki ( 2009: 103 ) whilst analysing the fleet widespread of Gated Communities in Poland. To depict these alterations the writer refers to the procedures of gentrification and suburbanization. The first term has been originally used in American urban sociology to picture the prompt economical, societal and cultural character alteration of a metropolis 's subdivision, normally from a residential country inhabited by a assorted scope of renters to an country preponderantly occupied by higher category persons. The latter relates to the in-between category depopulation of metropolis centres in favour of the enlargement of suburban countries ensuing from the development of conveyance substructure and the perceptual experience of suburban modernness in contrast to metropolis center lower category orthodoxy ( GA…decki: 91 ) . Curiously, GA…decki ( 2009: 106 ) mentioning Neil Smith considers that the drive forces of these procedures are non so much category transmutations, but disagreements between 'actual and possible land values ' ( GA…decki mentioning Smith 2009: 106 ) . These disagreements gave development bureaus the chance to seek reimbursement for the enlargement of otherwise creaky metropolis parts. The writer noticed that publically funded urban development of metropoliss 'serves to mobilise and develop the existent estate market ' ( GA…decki mentioning Smith 2009: 106 ) , every bit good as that these procedures have no affect on societal diverseness, but alternatively 'allow to take control of metropolis 's political and cultural economic system ' ( GA…decki mentioning Smith 2009: 106 ) and 'take the attending off from cardinal issues such as: land ownership and belongings value guesss ' ( GA…decki mentioning Smith 2009: 106 ) .

This free market chance, deficiency of equal planning ordinances, increasing fright of offense, caused by the deficiency of assurance in the capacity of the province to protect its citizens, accordingly amplified protection enterprise, has been spotted and exploited by lodging developers and backslidings in the form of private nines for selected citizens. Increasing cogency of development companies ' engagement and part ( Madanipour: 2007 [ 1998 ] ) together with failure in presenting reputable Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design ( CPTED ) programme every bit good as theories such as Oscar Newman 's Defendable Space ( 1996 ) , has led to denationalization of infinite at unprecedented before graduated table.

Over the past decennary the increasing denationalization of infinite in the signifier of gated enclaves has been one of the chief discourse subjects amongst architectural, urban and sociological cringles of Polish society. In many cases it has been pejoratively compared to a modern-day signifier of ghettos ( GA…decki: 2009, Zaborska: 2006 et al. ) . This rundown subdivision of metropoliss has been extensively depicted in Martyna Obarska 's essay ( 2008 ) , in which the writer uses Calimani 's 'The History of Venetian Ghetto ' ( 2002 ) and finally San Gerolamo as an illustration of a infinite wholly separated from the metropolis 's context, where entree was supervised by specially hired forces. Interestingly, non all populating Jews negatively perceived the forming of ghettoes. On many occasions a closed off territory has been associated with security, protecting the residents from Christians favoritism, and where person 's picks have non been stigmatized.

'All Jews should populate together in a lodging one-fourth, such as the Ghetto near San Gerolamo. They should non walk around by dark excessively. From inside of the ghetto, where the little span is positioned and its opposite side, two Gatess will be erected. They will be unfastened able at morning at the sound of the Maragon and closed by dark, at midnight. The dwellers will necessitate to denominate and pay a fee to four Christian guards to run these ' [ Gatess - Author ] '

San Gerolamo, Ghetto Decret: 1515

Calimani, R. - The History of Venetian Ghetto ( 2002 )

Historically and conceptually closer to Poland is the Warsaw Ghetto - the symbol of subjugation and agony of the Warsaw Jews. Formed within allocated metropolis territories and separated from the remainder of the metropolis with an elevated wall during the II World War by the Nazi occupational governments. This is the clip when 'ghetto ' became the equivalent word of ignorance, crud and sordidness and the idea skyline 's narrowness.

Castellino ( 2005 ) comments how the significance of the term 'ghetto ' alterations dramatically at different points of history. Although this word 's undertone has ever been dyslogistic, the principle behind organizing ghettos in early Venetian times can non be put on a par with them being disgracefully created during the administration of the Nazi government during II World War.

The Author believes that the term 'gated communities ' demands to be assessed against local principles, as its undertone can remember more affirmatory intensions in some urban scenes, likewise to the two presented ghetto case in points.

'aˆ¦the passion for improvisation, which demands that infinite and chance be at any monetary value preserved. Buildings are used as a popular phase. They are all divided into countless, at the same time alive theaters. Balcony, courtyard, window, gateway, stairway, roof are at the same clip phases and boxes. '

Walter Benjamin

One Way Street, 1924


' ( aˆ¦ )

Concrete slab estates

Everyday I stand frozen

How can you construct this s***

How can you engender

And than non reign

Over this clump, that snuffels the same

( aˆ¦ ) '

Staszewski, K. ( 2000 ) :

Kazik - Chcem piwa! ( I want beer! )

The 'fashion ' for enclosed communities seem to derive new 'believers ' . Quiet green, The beech manor, Sky blue corrie, Sunny incline, Green apartment- these are some names that the developers want to entice their possible clients with, names that conjoin with a safe and happy life, a green garden, merriment circus for your kids and an tantamount companions.

But are those outlooks being fulfilled? Or is this merely a catchy selling motto that the developers merrily utilize?

Harmonizing to the cyberspace site the bulk of new flats on the market are situated on enclosed countries. Merely in Warsaw ( 1.7 million citizens ) on 106 available estates, 81 are fenced ( 69 of them are being guarded round the clock ) .

The instance looks otherwise in other big metropoliss. In Wroclaw ( 0.8 million citizens ) 18 in 31 investings are enclosed, Gdynia ( 0.4 million citizens ) - 9 out of 16, Gdansk ( 0.6 million ) - 11 out of 24 ( Poznan ( 0.8 million ) - half of 16 new investings. Surprisingly, in the cultural capital of Poland, and the 2nd largest city- Cracow ( population of 1.2 million ) - merely 3 out of 14.

These Numberss really confirm the provinces capitals citizens clannish mentality, feeling of being above other parts of the state and by implication- holding the necessity of guarding their properties from the 'conquest ' of citizens originated in other parts of Poland.

Is there a new tendency?

Which societal beds inhabit gated communities?

How gated communities are being perceived?

How gated communities in Poland are being advertised / marketed?

Sympathetic naming of these developments to be highlighted ( Quiet Green, The Beach Manor, Sky Blue Cirque, Sunny Slope, Green Apartment etc. )

Costss of life in gated communities in Poland / How does it compare to the per capita income of an 'ordinary ' citizen?

Does it except some societal beds right from the start?


'It is adequate to compare the visual aspect of vicinities that are gated and non-gated to understand the grounds behind curtailing entree to several public infinites. Well-taken-care-of, carefully maintained, clean and good managed- it is about entirely those [ vicinities ( PolaA„ska: 2010 ) ] gated by high fencings or watched over by guards. Devastated, worn-out, trampled, 'decorated ' with daubes on their walls, with autos parking wherever its possible- these are those opened to the populace, where the order is theoretically supposed to be protected by the constabulary, but cipher is protecting in practiceaˆ¦ '

PiA™kno Kapitalizmu ( The Beauty of Capitalism )

Majcherek, A. Gazeta Wyborcza, November 15, 2007

( interlingual rendition: PolaA„ska: 2010 )



' ( aˆ¦ )


I think I 'll go forth the house

Have a admiration around the metropolis



My estate is guarded

Sometimes I feel here

Like in Auschwitz

Or in detention

But I like it here

I live here a piece

Although I was n't born here

I 've been ever a visitant


( aˆ¦ ) '

Staczyk, Z. ( 2001 ) : T-Love - ZA‚y Wtorek ( Bad Tuesday )



- Two Gated Estates in SA‚upsk / Poland:

Two estates situated in writer 's place town, which have been gated after the proposal put frontward by the lodging association has been voted for.

One with a higher offense figure than the other.

The writer believes that the offense figures differ because of the scene of both of these enclaves.

The fencing creates merely an 'aura ' of security.

- Estate 1: suburbs / surrounded by individual household places / new built infirmary on the other side of the street / verdure good groomed ( little spots of green infinite within ) / no security ( Defendable Space Theory - O. Newman - milieu- cogent evidence of frequent visual aspect of dwellers ) / one local store, accessed from within the gated community ( from occupants interviews - the Gatess had to be opened to the wider public [ prosaic entree ] , as the local store could non be supported by the clients from within the community merely. - The same job has been encountered in Marina Mokotow.

-Estate 2: metropolis Centre / surrounded by assorted types of lodging blocks / no local store within gated community / local park - possible stealers conceal out? / no security

( approx 200m )

From residential interviews: both of these communities suffer from deficiency of internal unfastened viridity / drama infinite, chiefly used for auto parking - shared Dogs non allowed to be taken for a walk within the gated blocks. Children play infinite: within the community ( shared surface ) or outside the Gatess.

Comparing to Marina Mokotow: Size of the gated communities 1 & A ; 2 occupy one metropolis block

-Marina Mokotow - Warsaw / Poland

KuryA‚owicz & A ; Associates

Biggest new built gated community in Warsaw ( 22 hour angle ) .

Number of units: 1500 ( residential edifices, houses, abodes ) . Overall green / drama infinite within gated community: approx. 60 % . From Architect 's interview ( found on the web ) original design: whole land to be fenced. Consequence: whole land fenced + single edifices within the gated community fenced to boot.

Highest quality stuffs used throughout / gardens, back streets, squares, fountains, waterfalls, arbors, lake, internal roads within GC ( metropolis within a metropolis? ) / land floor uses: trading stations, eating houses, bars, stores etc.

( once more, Gatess had to be opened to the wider public [ prosaic entree ] , as the local stores could non be supported by the clients from within the community merely:

'Crisis In Marina Mokotow: barriers up ' Gazeta StoA‚eczna. 17 September 2009 ) - encountered immense dissatisfaction / resistance from local occupants.

Off street auto parking ( deficient figure ) / belowground auto parking ( extra fee )


Atkinson, R. , Flint, J. , Blandy, S. , Lister, D. 2003. Gated Communities in England, 'New Horizons ' undertaking: University of Glasgow and Sheffield Hallam University

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