The Objective of My Life

I want more out of life. In order to achieve this I must first improve myself as a man. The last few years I have been on the path of self-development, which causes me to do a great deal of reflecting. During the course of this journey I look back at certain rough patches and think of ways I could have handled the situation better. I don’t look back because I feel remorse or regret, but instead I look back with optimism for the future, after all these past situations are what led me to my current path.

To help me along my journey I will be more mindful of the people I associate with, as I am a strong believer that association breeds similarity. I will seek out relationships with more likeminded people. I will adopt the growth mindset, a mindset in which I will not be afraid of change, but I will be more adaptive to the curveballs that life seems to through from time to time.

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I will continue to seek education, not just on a collegiate level, but also interpersonally and existentially. I will make these objectives my goals and follow through by taking massive action.


Part II

During the course of my research, I discovered people who approach life with a written plan and review it regularly are more likely to see success. I found an interesting quote from which states, “Smart massive action means focus – it gives you the reason “why”.

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You are not just taking action, but you also know what that action relates to. The focus comes when you have set goals and when you take action that is related to those goals.” To me, that means I must be deliberate in my pursuit of these goals so I’m not just spinning my wheels. Major factors to ensure my success will be setting time limits for goals, eliminating tasks that are non-essential, set aside times for specific actions, and review my progress and make any necessary adjustments. During the course of my research, I did not identify any fallacies.

Part III

My personal reason for wanting to improve myself goes back to what I stated earlier, “I want more out of life.” I know it sounds cliché, but it is the truth. I can recall too many times where I wished I could be somewhere doing amazing things with people I actually enjoy being around while we’re all having the time of our lives. I don’t want to keep wishing, I want to live. I don’t want to be an example of “Dream Deferred”, by Langston Hughes, where he compares ignoring your passions to something that is festering or rotten. I have witnessed too many examples where this holds true, as people who give up on their own dreams die on the inside but continue living as they support someone else’s dream.

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