The stone veneers

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“InfinitiStone” is committed to providing a range of stone veneers that is not only of unparalleled quality but is also lightweight, durable, affordable, easy to install, and realistic fusing the ancient majesty of natural stone.Stone cladding has become very popular with fashionable commercial buildings and even family homes these days. It refers to the external cover of a house which is used to create a desired appearance, and/or protect it from snow, rainwater, UV damage and airborne toxins.

Cladding offers so many choices when it comes to construction and design.

That is the process of applying thin layers of stone on a structure. This process is not limited to exterior parts alone, as it can also be applied to fireplaces and kitchens, depending on your preference. If you want your exterior walls or some parts of your home clad in stone, you would not have to worry. Our range of natural slate stacked stone cladding panels are easy to install, really affordable and simple to maintain.

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If you want to build your dream home you can easily have it done by calling a contractor or a stonemason. However, it is highly advisable that you use natural stone over other materials, as it is the easiest to work with. Others tend to be very heavy and inconvenient to work with and it would more expensive. By using heavy-weight stones, it would be very difficult to have them repaired when they break or chip. The process can be done very quickly, so you need not wait long.

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“InfinitiStone” is one of the best companies having a wide range of stones that are suitable for any kind of taste.

For those who love the elegant style there are the vintage ledge stones with their soft, cream colors that reminds you on romantic elegant castles from the medieval times. If you want to get convinced of the high quality of the products you should visit our website where you will find a lot of information and also various photos. We have built a reputation for being a positive, forward thinking business and as such have grown to be a leading supplier of manufactured and natural architectural stone veneer and cladding products in Australia.

Our belief is that our Clients keep us in business therefore our emphasis is on providing a specialist, professional and prompt service in the supply and delivery of our products to the building industry. We will progressively increase our list of stockists and ensure that we can service our customers as conveniently as possible outside of Melbourne.

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The stone veneers

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