The Importance of Hunting for Humans

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Imagine being in the middle of Africa hunting animals for the native’s dinner. If you think of hunting as providing food for families, is hunting a negative activity? Researchers state hunting helps improve the environment because it safeguards wildlife populations to be sustainable over the years. People hunt for the meat to provide for their family, not just for the sport of getting a nice set of antlers or horns. Meat from one animal can sustain a family for months if it is cared for properly.

I had the opportunity to see firsthand how hunting can provide food for families and protect the environment. Africa is a large continent with over a billion people living on it. By going to Africa, I had the opportunity to be guided by the natives to find food for their families. By hunting, people can provide for their families, by eating meat and protein to sustain them throughout the year.

I went to Namibia, Africa to hunt African animals and provide meat for the natives from the animals I harvested.

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The experience of being on the other side of the world, doing something I love, and helping people find meat for their families will be something I will always remember forever. Between me and my father, we were able to harvest seven animals, which will provide months of meat for the local natives. Without our hunting, these people would not have been able to attain the proper amount of protein they need in their diet.

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We were able to spend two weeks in Africa, exploring the land and obtaining meat for the natives. Our guide took us around thousands of acres of land where animals lived and freely roamed the countryside. Every new piece of land we encountered had a different type of animal to observe.

Seeing these animals running around was a dream come true for me. I have seen local wild animals in the mountains by my house, but nothing compared to seeing the African animals in real life that I had only seen on TV. They were beautiful, unlike any American animal I had previously seen. As I was watching the wildebeests run around, it reminded me of one of my favorite movies when I was a kid, the Lion King, when wildebeests trampled Mufasa. Another memory I will always remember is the sound of zebras as they ran past us. They do not sound like horses at all, more like a bird calling into the wild. African animals live in an environment I have never seen before, and having the opportunity to be within a hundred yards of them was a realization of one of my dreams. I hope to one day return to Africa and help the natives harvest more meat for their families. Although hunting may seem scary for people, it has sustained people and civilizations for centuries.

Instead of going to the store to buy meat to eat, people purchase tags for the opportunity to harvest their own meat and provide for their families. Whether they live in Utah, Alaska, Africa, or Europe, people enjoy hunting animals for their meat and for the chance to be in the outdoors. Thousands of sportsmen go to hunting expos to dream of trophy hunts and places they would like to one day explore. Hunting expos give these people a chance to speak with other hunters and bond over something they enjoy doing.

Hunting is not only for the trophy to put on the wall but the ability to experience being in the wild, away from busy city life. There are times when hunters do not get to harvest a single animal, but the opportunity to be outdoors in the wild, with their friends, makes it all worthwhile. People can watch any type of hunt, from anywhere around the world. From hunting elephants in Africa to the red stag in New Zealand, people can watch hunters on their adventure and feel like they are a part of the adventure. There are outdoor stores that cater to the sport of hunting. From hunting gear to camouflage clothing, people can find anything their heart desires at the outdoor stores. Hunting brings joy to people not only through TV shows, hunting expos, or shopping at “Cabela’s”, but also through the opportunity to harvest organic meat.

Regulated hunting helps maintain healthy animal populations. Many years ago, most of the mountain lion population was killed through unregulated hunting in the Kaibab National Forest in northern Arizona. As a result, the deer population exploded to unmanageable high numbers. With not enough hunting taking place, by predators or humans, thousands of deer starved to death. As a result, hunting is regulated to maintain healthy populations of predators and game animals. The Division of Wildlife Resources ensures that a certain number of tags are given out each year, so the number of animals does not drop too low or get too high for the caring capacity of their habitat. Hunting is a tool used to help maintain wildlife populations and ensure healthy habitats. Hunting provides jobs and opportunities and contributes to a healthy economy. People can have jobs as retail workers, outfitters to sell hunting supplies, and guides, which take people on their own hunting adventures. Outfitters, guides, and retail opportunities are provided where hunting is allowed. Without hunting, wildlife can overrun the habitat, causing damage that negatively affects all animals.

Hunting has always been an activity I enjoyed since I was very young. I am able to eat the meat I have harvested, and help provides for my family with animals I have obtained. I went to Africa to help natives receive meat for their families with the animals I provided for them. By hunting, the number of animals will stay in a healthy range, which will help wildlife remain plentiful and sustainable. Not everyone has positive attitudes towards hunting, but when it is used to help others, it can be more socially accepted. Hunting is a way of life, a sanctuary for people, and a lifestyle.

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