Why Gun Control is Crucial in Regulating Criminal Use of Firearms?

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Gun control is the regulation that requires people to keep firearms and mostly the guns away from other people (Carter). According to many people, they take it that gun control is an effective manner to help reduce the number of deaths that are continuously being experienced due to wrong use of guns by some people. It is also a fact that many people think that guns are mostly used to carry out crimes that are mostly experienced in towns and in high populated areas.

This has since created a negative perception about guns to an extent that the mention of the word gun creates a sense of violence and death in the mind of the audiences. Apart from all these negative perceptions about possession of guns in the society, there is sufficient evidence that this control and regulation is not right owing to the fact that guns are not only used to cause death but they have a role in fighting and dealing with criminals.

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The wrong use of guns by some people does not mean that guns should not be possessed especially in areas where security details are compromised. In real sense, it is true that guns are not responsible for the many deaths that occur every year as there are other causes of deaths in the society. I think that possession of guns should not be controlled for a number of reasons, mostly for the purpose of improving safety within the society.

When a criminal is aware that their target possesses a gun, chances are very low that the criminal will go forward to carry out the attack.

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It is also good if the law allows everybody of sound mind to possess a gun, should there be sufficient information or evidence that their safety is in doubt or that they fear being attacked for some reasons. It is true that gun laws have been established all over in the United State but the specific laws varies from one state to another. It is in these laws that specifications of the minimum age of possessing a gun are indicated and special conditions that determine whether a person qualifies to buy and possess a gun or not. A good example is in Colorado where one is allowed to purchase a gun so long as they have attained 18 years (Carter). In other places, the law requires that you have a hunting license for you to be around to buy and possess a gun. These regulations are not appropriate in the sense that they allow some people to possess guns due to some qualifications while others are locked out. It is for this reason that they have been an emergence of illegal gun businesses in the United States because some of the qualified persons ends up buying the guns and later selling them to those that are not permitted to buy them from registered dealers. It is for this reason that those people who illegally obtain these guns are free to get involved in crimes using the guns because that they will not be traced in an event of crime where they use the guns.

They do not fear if the rifles they use are tracked and collected by the police because the firearms are not registered under their names. It is through this regulation that some people who are not allowed to own the guns end up killing those with the guns to take the guns away to use them in the criminal activities. If everybody was allowed to own the guns, the number of those killed by criminals for the purpose of obtaining the guns would be low. The different requirements that come with gun laws are inappropriate in that the United States have different gun laws. This does not sound to be good in that people are allowed to own guns differently despite the fact that they live in the US. This is a form of regional segregation where some people who qualify to own a gun in some states do not qualify in other states. This creates a scenario where security details in some states are continuously improving while the same security is deteriorating in other states (Webster & Vernick).

There should be uniformity in these laws where similar conditions for gun possession should be indicated in all states. This will prevent cases where certain people are observed to move from their home states to other states where they qualify to own a gun. This will greatly help to reduce the number of crimes that are associated with immigrants who come in with guns from their countries. There is need to revise the current gun control and the associated regulations especially in the recent times when terrorism is on the rise. It is a fact that terrorists are taking advantage of areas where gun control laws are loose to purchase fire arms which they later use in other areas to kill innocent citizens. They end up using illegal means to have the guns transported to their target countries where they train their soldiers who have since proved to be a great danger in most parts of the world. They end up establishing ties with some people living in states which allow purchase of guns under certain conditions to purchase as many firearms as possible. This is a great threat to the efforts which are being made and the interventions included in the fight against terrorism in the world. Unless the current gun control laws and regulations are revised, terrorism will continue to threaten most parts of the world.

There have been a number of cases of people who have ended up in jail after they are caught involving themselves in illegal businesses involving sale of guns. Despite the fact that these people are caught and sentenced, there is need to understand they reasons as to why these people found it easy to get started in this kind of business. One important thing to note is that these people are aware of the regulations that surround gun control which makes it hard for a big number of people to own a gun. Those in this illegal business take advantage of this to exploit their qualifications to own a gun and later selling the guns to those that are not qualified. The illegal sale of guns is a great danger to the society in that the government is not aware of who finally ends up owing a gun. This becomes a problem in case of a crime and there is need to establish the ownership of the firearm that was used. Even after the investigations are carried out, it becomes harder to arrest the victim when it turns out that the firearm is registered under names that are not available in the government databases. To avoid all this, gun control should be lifted to allow citizens to own registered guns so that it becomes easy to trace criminals in case of criminal activity that occurs in the society (Gold). When citizens are aware that they firearms are registered, most of them will avoid using or giving out their guns to be used in criminal activities as they know they will finally be arrested. This is a great deal to help minimize the number of criminal activities in the society.

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