Gun Control and the Consequences of Gun Ownership in America

The gun control laws are a very controversial topic. To solve this issue there is no right or wrong answer. Not everyone will ever be happy with the rules and regulations of this country. Honestly, I am indifferent. First, I don't care and second I think it's too late. Guns have become and shaped our culture as Americans. There are too many loopholes and ways to get around things. Although it'd be incredibly hard, there are things I would about the gun laws if I had the authority.

I don't think anyone should have gun. It's a little late for that though, a couple hundred years late. We need more things that save and help than kill people. Not everyone in the US can and does have Health Care while it's possible for every single one of us to have guns. The amount of guns in the United States is significantly higher than the amount of citizens. Also, it'd be hard to test someone's sanity.

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Sure, they would fish out a few but, the smartest crazy people don't show it.

The craziest people are the ones that you see everyday walking down hallways and streets. They could be the people that you drive by or stand in line behind. When people buy guns, what if they don't start out crazy and get there? Eventually some people break and there's noone who can predict the future and be able to say, “Yeah that person is going to go nuts in three years on the twenty-seventh of May and try to shoot up a bank.

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” Tests are easy to get around, and I would assume especially ones testing sanity. All you would have to do is say the right answer, say what they want to hear. If someone really wants a gun, they will get it and no amount of middle-men, fees, and tests will stop it.

The only people who should be able to have guns are the people actively serving in the army at that moment in time. That's only for safety though. When the soldier comes home it should still be at their base. They should not be able to have it to whip around. This would only work in a perfect world where no civilians have any guns, excluding laser tag guns. A good alternative to bullets in guns would be legos and glitter. Those items would be perfect because legos are horrible to step on and the glitter would confuse the enemy. A war would be won immediately. In the rare event that all guns worked like that, then everyone could have a gun. If someone owns a gun illegally there should be extreme consequences. There is no good that can come from a gun. Guns were made and were evolved to kill and injure. People who own illegal guns should go to jail, simple as that. People go to jail for possession of marijuana, which is illegal, why not illegal guns? Guns are deadlier than drugs and have worse intentions. I would put someone in jail six months for every illegal gun they have and then confiscate them. For people to learn a lesson, the hard hand has to come down. There should be very limited places where a gun is allowed.

If soldiers are the only one with guns then the places where it can be taken should not be an issue. Guns would only be taken to the warfront. Besides that, guns don't really belong anywhere in everyday life. There is no use for a gun in school, church, the grocery store, or office buildings. Having guns would not make anyone feel any safer besides the holder of the gun. Personally, I would feel uncomfortable if I knew that people were walking around Pick N Save with handguns. There should very few guns allowed for civilians. One of which should only be loaded with glitter and legos. Just kidding, but the guns allowed should be small and not have very high fire power. Anymore than that and people are not intending on using the guns for “safety.” Guns can quickly turn into guns that are for killing. If the guns weren't as high power then maybe they would only injure people. That would make more sense for safety because then you have time to call the police and they can be arrested. Nowadays, some people are gun crazy and the moment they feel their safety threatened they want to shoot. If the guns that those people had were not as high powered then plenty of innocent lives would be saved. In conclusion, I am indifferent about gun control. I am not informed enough to have a specific stand on this policy. I do think that everyone state and federal should have a say on this law though. States know their specific problems and the government can give a general policy that states can expound on. I just hope that whatever the final decision is is in the best interest of the citizens of the United States.

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