The Importance Of Creation Myth Of Adam And Eve In Christianity

Creation is something people do naturally on the day to day bases such as writing a paper, drawing, play music, etc. As soon as a human is born they start to pick up on basic concepts of creation when they begin to think and are able to process their thoughts, whether it be through actions or utter silence. Video game designers have even developed games such as Minecraft so people can make their own little world. Some say that human beings thoughts never truly leave once they’ve created and last forever within their spirit.

People couldn’t even imagine without creation without they wouldn’t be able to think. Before any form of creation was possible there had to be a creator, and that would be God. According to the book of Genesis creation took on different forms and similarities between the two stories, “The Creation Hymn” and “Adam and Eve.” They are comparable by how God is depicted in the text, how the creation of the universe and everything in took place, and by the historical time and geographical location aid these text.

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God serves the primary role of the creator in both stories; however, he is portrayed at similar and different angels. In the Creation Hymn, he is distinguished more as a logical subconscious being who created the Earth and Heavens. There is no mentioning of his presence except for his voice and his overall “spirit” as the hymn states, which are merely the representation of thoughts being projected.

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But, in the story of Adam and Eve he takes upon a form of a human for in Genesis is states him saying “Let us make human in our image.” Unlike The Creation Hymn God takes up more of a role as a father in the story of Adam and Eve due to the interactions he makes with them. Within the text he gives them one rule which is not to eat from the tree of knowledge for he was trying to protect them from the knowledge that would corrupt them. They disobey him and he punishes them just like a regular father would do to their children. The text in both stories did describe him to be the creator of all things. Also, in both stories he was perceived to be very powerful due to his abilities to create and bring about change. God’s description in both text revealed similarities and differences.

The creation of everything that came into existence has different and similar concepts within each of the stories. In the creation hymn, everything was being created by the voice of God simply by him saying “let there be” followed by what he wanted to create. However, in the story of Adam and Eve he takes a different approach when it came to making humans. In the text it references him creating Adam from the earth and gave life to him by breathing “into his nostrils.” He also made Eve from the rib of Adam. In both of these examples uses what he already has created to create humans. The stories have similarity for God essentially still created the majority of everything by himself. The Creation Hymn also starts out with just darkness and water, while everything in the story of Adam and Eve was already established for the most part. Creation was explained with the same views and different perspectives.

The time and geographical setting aids both text that share common traits and minor differences. In the creation hymn and the story of Adam and Eve the text suggests that they both shared a particular time that was beginning of earth and heaven. Now the creation hymn particular time was during the first six days of creation whilst in the story of Adam and Eve took place on the seventh day. Generally, the creation hymn takes place where there is essentially

no geographical location processed the waters that in itself can represent outer space. The text references that “the earth then was welter and waste” and that God hovered “over the waters,” which lead to some insight that there was essentially nothing in the universe. However, in the story of Adam and Eve the geographical location is in the Garden of Eden. Both stories do share a very vast setting of unknown locations for nobody knows of the locations of the Garden of Eden and Heaven. The setting in Adam and Eve and the creation hymn had opposing and similar characteristics.

Overall, the story of Adam and Eve in the creation hymn both shared common characteristics as well is different ones when discussing creation. They did this by how they describe God in text, how the earth and heaven was created and everything in it, and the particular setting of which they took place in. In mere reality thoughts are usually undefined last forever which allows for forever expansion of a universe. Without the ability to create people will be led to impulses of destruction and that would lead to a void of nothingness.. People that say they love their life can mean in a way that they love to create, for every second and every breath they take they’ll create something beautiful.

Updated: Feb 20, 2024
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