The Importance Of Accountability Within Health Care Organization


Accountability is important when it comes to health care for the purpose of achieving success in the health care industry. Accountability can be defined as the process and procedure that one is able to take responsibility for the outcome of their actions. The outcome and responsibility of the actions may be positive ones or negative ones. In health care accountability is critical and requires both the attention and the responsibility of managers, leaders, and employees and act in independent and competent manners.

Why is accountability important in the health care industry?

There are usually the aspects of assigning a cost to various things and aspects starting from the physicians’ time, medicine, procedures carried out, and bed in health care. In a time when there is wastage of the various resources, the person who is accounted for the actions leading to the losses is to pay, be it a patient or an employee. This calls for the careful handling of items and reduces the unnecessary costs for the workers and the employees too.

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Accountability also creates the chance to control, fix, and prevent errors that may occur in the health care sector. When it comes to the public sector, accountability helps to create an assurance that there is the adequate and proper use of the allocated resources.

How is an employee's accountability measured in the health care industry?

In order to measure the accountability of the employees in the health care sector, there are a set of applicable ways that can be used.

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Such methods include; performance evaluations, assessments, customer satisfaction, and feedback and the check-and –balances. By doing regular general evaluations to see the level of accountability for the employees, it creates a certain culture among the employees that leads to because the employees will be striving for the improvement of their quality performance and service delivery. Setting up a management system that measures the performance of the employees is important and becomes the base that leads to measure employee performance and accountability on an annual appraisal for employee performance. All levels of management should be able to understand the importance of the application of accountability and managers, executives, supervisors, and employees should be held accountable for their actions and performance as well. To gain employee accountability in health care, there should be proper implementation of concepts that highly promote better delivery of services in health care.

How does accountability apply to ethical considerations in leadership and management?

In the operations of everyday undertakings of a medical acre employee, the application of ethics in decision making is very important. Ethical decision-making is however challenging in the field of health care because of getting a clear distinction of what might be ethical or unethical. The decisions that are to be made can be based on the organization's procedures and policies together with the laid down consequences that may arise due to the lack of following the procedures and policies. To arrive at a decision ethically, one must be having the ability to choose one of two or more options that are viable. It’s during this dilemma on which option to go with that need the application of the ethical codes for to choose the option that is in line with the requirements of the health care system. Lack of considering ethics in decision making can lead to the delivery of very low and sub-standard services in health care organizations.

What does a checks-and-balances process look like in a successful organization?

The check and balance process is the application of methods and processes that help to minimize and control mistakes that may arise in the employee's behavior. The continued operation and success of an organization can be the existence of the check and alliance. The application of checks and balances makes sure that there is no domination of one person in any department of organizations by providing clear definitions of the duties of each employee. The various strategies that can be used for successful application and implementation of the check and balance are; setting of measurable and realistic goals, making the right choice in compiling a team, make use of the layered approach, clear definition of audits, provision of the necessary tools and holding regular follow-ups. Application of the process is advantageous because it helps an organization to control resource wastage, eliminate corruption, power abuse, and oppression, and promote accountability at the same time.

How does accountability affect an organization's working culture?

Accountability is very important as it lays the base for the success of the employees and the organization as a whole. By accountability application, the workers are able to know what is expected of them and are able to perform their respective duties because they understand the consequences of them not meeting what is expected of them. when it comes to the issues that affect accountability in relation to work culture, it’s evident that accountability has a positive impact on the work culture in an organization. Employees know how much to invest and the actions they take so as to ensure that they perform the tasks in accordance with the practices provided. Focusing on accountability enables the creation of work culture with high levels of performance and ownership of one’s outcome of decisions made.

How does accountability affect an organization's working culture?

The creation of positive workplace culture and employment leads to an increase in employee morale, increases productivity, and lead to maintaining the skilled workers in the organization. This is brought by the various steps and strategies that an organization takes to make the employees have a happy stay in the organization and operate smoothly. The creation of a statement for an organization is important because it guides the employees to do the right thing as required of them. Because employees love and have the passion of what they do for the organization acknowledgment is important as it helps to keep them positive in what they do thus this helps to keep and maintain work culture in an organization.


Accountability is very important because it creates differences in the success and failure in health care organizations. Employees of all levels in the health care organizations have responsibilities and accountabilities for their actions and the results for the decisions they make. There should be laid down actions that guide on ensuring the safety of the patient. Responsibility and effective service provision are attained by the application of accountability in health care organizations.

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The Importance Of Accountability Within Health Care Organization
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