Benefits of Internet in Community and Public Sector

There is a wide variety of uses of the Internet to the community. For an ordinary user, communication through the Internet from the phones or any other smart devices play an enormous part of their lives, as it easily allows one to contact another from any part of the world. In the past, it would take days or even months to receive a letter from someone but today, messages are delivered instantly in a split second.

This type of faster communication obviously can only be accessed through the Internet. With this faster form of communication, keeping in touch with friends and families becomes easy. Apps such as Whatsapp and Skype allows people to easily send messages to or to have a live video chat with anyone or to a group who shares the same platform instantly.

The Internet is also extremely beneficial to the public with mapping and the contact information. With the combination of GPS technology and Internet access, the Internet can help map and direct people to almost every place in the world.

You can also quickly route to your location or locate business that may sell or provide a service you require in your area. The search engine is smart and powerful enough to identify your current location and provide you with the most relevant searches for your area. For example, you need to feed your insane hunger for food so you can just bring out phone search for ‘pizza shops’, it instantly gives you the pizza shops near you and the route to take to get there.

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That way, one will not need to carry an actual GPS devices but their smart devices only.

Besides all these aspects of the Internet: communication and searching for locations, there is also the benefit of Internet entertainment. The Internet is such a huge realm of infinite possibility it also gives us access to an endless supply of entertainment whether or not it is watching videos, watching movies, listening to music, reading news or blogs, or even playing online games, the possibilities are endless.

Now, the Internet could also be beneficial to the government through the internet of things (IoT). The internet of things is a system of interrelated computing devices, mechanical and digital machines, objects, animals or people that are provided with unique identifiers and the ability to transfer data over a network. With IoT, the government is able provide us with transportation as it helps connects various locations, moves people, goods and services. Iot has also helped to ensure public safety. Smart video analytics systems are implemented on public places. This can help to spot unusual crowd behaviour, traffic violations, and help with investigating crime or to spot real-time facial recognition on persons of interest. With that, the technology can alert the authority of possible violation and dangers at the fastest time. Mobile technology is also enabling real-time collaboration. For instance, enabling on-site incident report submission, which will improve the investigation efficiency. Personal care plan can be done using the IoT applications. From this, home care enables the users to monitor their elderly or infirm folks as it can provide early detection or alerts to medical emergencies. IoT technology can also identify individuals that cannot live safely at home and require special care. The home care IoT applications helps in decreasing medical costs and allows patients to live in the comfort of their own homes instead of being placed into assisted-living facilities.

Benefits of Internet in Education Sector

With the facility provided by most school these days such as the projector and computer labs, teachers often use the internet as a supplement and reference for their lessons. As most published textbook is dull and boring as well as having a page full of words, the students get bored easily and have lower understanding towards the subjects. Therefore, image and graphics, animation, slides, documentaries videos have always made learning easy for students and the teachers are able to transfer their knowledge more successfully. This is because a picture worth more than a thousand words and textbook has limited images to help students in imagination and understanding. Furthermore, there are many educational videos and animation such as experiment videos on the Internet to help the teachers and students in better understanding. This is because certain schools may not have the resource to answer or present the information to students.

In addition, there are free online or minimum paid subscriptions of tutorials and courses for everyone to gain knowledge on different subjects and fields. These typical come in the form of lecturers who are teaching in a video with possible notes attached. With distance learning available, students and teachers can learn extra knowledge and skills without having to attend extra workshops. For example, SkillShare is a platform for anyone to share their skills and knowledge such as drawing or journal planning.

The internet has also helped in increasing the class community. For example, a school or classroom-based website platform has been opened for the students and teachers. This has been done by many schools especially universities or colleges. In that way, students can submit assignments through the website and teachers can post class announcement or provide useful links as well. Students can download course materials from internet and read for it. This makes the students to have access towards learning materials at anywhere and in anytime. Plus, tests, homework, collaboration and discussion can all be done from any computer with internet access which also helped the teachers to view the performance of their students more easily.

This brings to our next point, there are online tests and exams available. Generally online exams are MCQ based questions. Most of the times, the students will get the result immediately after attempting the online exam. This also helps to lessen the teachers’ marking burden as the teacher will just have to set a marking scheme. The internet has changed our living style in a big way. Education is important for human development so the use of internet in education system can help us explore and gain knowledge to create an opportunity for teachers and students.

Lastly, the Internet makes doing homework and researches easier. For example, Google is one of the best search engines to students and teachers. This is because it hosts many websites contributed by experienced or professional community. This way, students and teachers can do their research on various things. They can dig as much information as possible on website helps in learning and discovering new information. Doing online research will make the students and even teachers to sharpen their critical thinking skills by evaluating internet resources for credibility and usefulness. Unlike before, students and teachers need to go to library card catalogs to search for textbooks, documents, and encyclopedias to find information for their assignments, projects or research. Although those resources are more reliable, they are very time-consuming to find and possibly failed to gather the information they want.

Benefits of Internet in Business Sector

Internet has played a huge role in the business sector. There has been a lot of online business setting up nowadays. Not only that, even companies also use the Internet service to run their business more smoothly. As for now, there are many benefits and reasons to why Internet service is so important to us.

The biggest benefit the Internet has brought in business sector is providing a platform for business marketing. Especially in this modern era, most of the people will have access to Internet. This greatly helps various businesses and companies to reach out a vast amount of audience in a short amount of time. Although advertising via newspaper, billboards or tv can also reach a huge audience, however it is not as efficient as social media. This is because just by making a post about your product or services on social media can help reach audiences that are potentially interested in your products and services. On the contrary, advertising via the traditional way will only reach an unknown number of audiences that is interested. In most cases, many people will brush off on the advertisement section. Moreover, social media nowadays can provide an insight on each post’s performance. With that, one can target their audiences more accurately or manage their product and services according to the latest trend. This has made strategic decision making easier.

Furthermore, to reach a larger audience, one can simply paid for a sponsor. With that, the social media’s algorithm will feature the product or services as advertisement according to the respective users search history and interest. This method can help in keeping a group of loyal followers. Not only that, social platforms usually offer advertising solutions with very specific audience. For example, one can choose from a demographic information to advertise such as to a specific range of age or geographical location. This allows one to test run their business successful rate before fully investing on it too. To conclude, social media is a powerful platform for marketing.

The main factor online business has gradually become a trend in today’s world is because it has lower expenses compared to when running an actual business store or office. Small online business owner generally will only have to pay for commission fee charged by the online shop platform or their domain licensing fee. However, those are cheaper compared to physical shop’s rental fee and utility. In addition, business owner can cut down their mail and phone expenses if they correspond via e-mail. Travelling expenses can be reduced because business owner could have contacted their supplier, reviewed and bought their goods online. Nowadays, certain software can also help manage their bookkeeping. This also can cut down the labour cost. By cutting down all those unnecessary expenses, a business owner can now use it to increase their product quality or even provide free shipping service as one of the strategic marketing.

Subsequently, Internet can increase the productivity of business. For instance, multiple transactions ranging from hundreds to thousands can be done concurrently. This will increase the efficiency when handling payment transactions and it has a lower risk of losing money. It also guarantees that the transaction is successful. In addition, bots are available for use to answer simple request from customers. For example, auto-reply email or email subscription are commonly used in the business field. Certain website provides chat bots to solve customers’ simple request. Moreover, this also filters and categorizes the customers’ request before directing them to suitable department for further enquiry. This method has successfully lessened down the network traffic. With that, this allows those with more complicated problem to be confronted quicker and thus increase the quality of customer service too.

Last but not least, with the Internet access, online storage such as Cloud storage technology is available for the storage service. Cloud storage not only have a huge capacity of storage but also security associated advantage. This is crucial in the business firm because many data are being processed and stored in day-to-day operation. For example, confidential financial information, employee personal data, product or service details, customer’s personal and financial data are needed to be stored, process and backup in the daily operation. By using cloud storage, those data are being stored in a virtual third-party server. This not only has cut down the hardware cost, it can secure and protect important data from natural or unnatural disaster. Online storage also makes data sharing with the clients or business partner easier. This is because, for instance, Cloud Storage is accessible anytime at anywhere. Hence, an authorized user of it may retrieve, update, and modify data at any time as long as they have a network access.

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