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A World Without Water Essay

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Water is one of the essentialities of life on earth, without water life will not exist. Water is everywhere, we can find it from the foods we eat and beverages we drink. It has also many uses in our daily lives like cleaning ourselves, washing the clothes, watering the plants and others. Water can also refresh us during hot days of summer, like swimming. When we go to supermarkets we see different products which contain water. All living organisms need water, without it, they will die.

Humans, being a living organism need water to survive; we do need water but it must be clean and sufficient in supply. But what if there is access to water but the water is too contaminated? Or there is really no sufficient supply? Or the place where there is water is too far from home? That will be a big problem for those who will or currently experiencing this kind of situations. Water is a need and not just wants; clean water is needed in every community not only to survive but also to function well.

Each one of us whether rich or poor has the right for available clean water.

The film “A World Without Water” is an eye-opener. It shows how rich survives and poor tends to die because of dirty water, lack of supply and accessibility. Too sad to see people of a certain community being deprived by their own land’s water supply, they become envious while looking at a clean fountain of water in a certain company as shown in the video. The worst, big companies that are abusing their powers seem to have no considerations to the people of the community being affected by their operations; their only concern is to gain money. Those people that have money to buy their products do not know how others suffer just for them to drink a bottle of coke, and watching this film might change their mind. This kind of privatization is just too greedy, they own what they must not own, safe water is becoming scarce and those companies just had a selfish idea that is worst than water pollution. Safe water is a right.

Moreover, I can be an advocate in the future that will regulate or at least control privatization and support the right of each one of us to clean and safe water. But for now, as a student, what I can do is to conserve water, appreciate its importance to us, and minimize consumption of bottled drinks like canned softdrinks; I can also encourage my friends to do the same thing and spread it through social networking sites. I could say that I am more than lucky that I have easy access to clean and safe water from birth and up to now. How I wish that Bolivians and other people suffering from deprivation of their own right of safe water will also have easy access to clean, safe and sufficient water.

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