The fast-moving world

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“There is nothing permanent except change,” said Heraclitus. Change is the only constant thing in this world and we have to adapt to it. Things change, people, their emotions, and their circumstances change. To be honest, change is hard at first, messy in the middle but gorgeous at the end.

Coming to the other half of the topic· The measure of intelligence. People may ask, how do you measure intelligence? Well,intelligence is an umbrella that has much room for interpretation.

It is the ability to adapt to any situation. Knowledge is a preacher of great power and eloquence, but it is a downfall if you’re not adaptable,that’s where one’s intelligence comes to play. One’s ability to change determines one’s intuitive nature.

Know how to tackle your problems to reach the goal post. You can’t be successful if no changes are brought about. Obstacles are like broken bridges in your life. No amount of worry can help you cross the bridge; it will only ease away your peace.

Use your intelligence to mend the broken bridge. Don’t be deterred by it’s formidable height, learn how to climb or work around it. Everyone will get through any obstacle in life. The thing that matters is how you are going to deal with it .Problems in life aren’t those like math problems. It’s more difficult and complicated. Unlike math equations, there are no formulae to help solve the problems in life. Learn to accept them else they will hold us hostage and confine our creative space.

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Acceptance is not tolerance.

Swami Vivekananda, known as the “Cyclonic Monk from India”, made a change with his speech that brought India into the spotlight. Mahatma Gandhi used nonviolence as a powerful weapon against the British. He changed the perception that independance can be won only by war. The insightful thought and the decision made by Mahatma Gandhi saved millions of lives.

The world is fast -moving and you have to be intelligent to adapt yourself to it. Twenty years ago, you probably didn’t have an email address and now can’t imagine a life without them. Ten years ago, you probably owned a Nokia phone where there are keypads and now imagine using that Nokia phone for sending an email or keying a message. In the late 90’s, a computer was considered as one of the larger machines. Now, they had been altered to become much smaller.

Advancing technologies have changed the world. These changes brought about in this world indicates that we have to change along with it to keep up.Refusing to accept them would lead to you falling behind. You can’t rewind the past and refuse to accept the future. The only way is to press play.

If you are hesitant to change, start small. Start by altering the tailor made vision of the horrible picture which paints the so called bad consequences of change, thread by thread. Once you’re done with that, ask yourself some basic questions about change. Have you ever given a thought to changing things around you? Have you ever thought about bring a change for the better in this society? You have to realize that you have more to offer this world. If not you, then who? If not now, then when? It won’t be easy.

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