The Essence of Love

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The essence of love is an eternally controversial topic, the opinions of which vary from person to person. Some don’t have sufficient faith in pure-love, on the contrary, others are firmly convinced that love is unconditional. From my perspective, love is as immaculate as snow that people yearn for, however to some extent, the material factor is supposed to be emphasized beyond reproach.

What should be reached an absolute consensus is that genuine love can’t depend on how much money he or she possesses, as the reason why you love him or her is relevant to nothing but the feeling when you get together.

Your life can be perfect if you grow old with whom you love. When love comes to you, you can fly like an angel, living where full of brilliantly-colored and fragrant flowers. Nevertheless, coming back to earth, if you don’t have money, how can your life be sustained?

No one can deny that there is a common phenomenon in terms of love that many people divorce or lovers break up just due to economic reasons, like a tragedy.

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In the course of going in for eternal love, you may be in a dilemma that how to figure out the tricky and perplexing question “which is more significant, the true love or the money? ” However, as a matter of fact, money is the base of our life, as correspond to love. What if you marry a person who is not your cup of tea?

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