The Effects of Music on Today's Youth


Over 9 million songs are recorded being released annually. If you were to listen to all of these it would take you over 50 years.

This gargantuan amount of music implies that there must be a reason as to why people listen to music other than the fact that, “It sounds good.”

It must have some sort of effect to have become such an integral part of our lives.

A large amount of this music is targeted towards teens and young adults because they are the typical demographic for most music producers.

Music varies greatly in terms of genre, form, and meaning.

Different types of music convey different messages whether they are deep or shallow

Music has been scientifically proven to have a significant impact on human thoughts and emotions. Both positively and negatively

Heavy Influence on human behavior, thoughts, and feelings.

Teenagers in particular susceptible to the influence of music.

First point: Negatives

Music (mainly genres such as hardcore rap) could potentially have major repercussions on teens.

Heavy use of topics such as drugs, sex, and violence could influence negative behavior.

Teens who listened to this genre of rap for more than 14 hours a week were found to be:  Three times more likely to get into fights with teachers, 5 times more likely to get arrested and 5 times more likely to drink alcohol, do drugs and get Sexually transmitted diseases.

Second point: Negatives

  • Listening to depressing music could have negative effects on teens (mainly those going through puberty) who are prone to mood swings and more easily affected by strong emotions
  • This could negatively affect a teenagers life both In and out of school
  • Make them more pessimistic
  • Demotivating, could have negative effects on education which could cause difficulties in future with getting into a good Uni and finding a job
  • Also negative impact on social life

Third Point: Positives

  • Music can be great for helping students just sit down and get their work done
  • Music can be a major source of inspiration and motivation for teens when they need it.

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  • One such situation would be during
  • Calming genres such as classical music have been proven to help many teens focus while doing studies.
  • Block sound of disturbances which could distract the student and help keep their train of thought and working mindset.
  • Also make the workload seem less of a burden and make students more willing to do it by providing motivation throughout the time in which they do it.

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