The Dual Impact of Gadgets: Transforming Lives and Posing Risks

The Effect Of Gadget

In today's civilization, many things have been developed greatly. From transportation to education, things are greatly developed with the help of technology. Technology has made people's lives at ease. In today's generation, gadgets is the greatest invention of technology. From and antique telephone, technology helps to evolve to a smartphone. Gadgets is a small mechanical device with a practical use. One could not even dare to imagine to live without gadgets. Malaysia Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) survey says that, smartphone remained as the most common device.

9/10 internet users use smartphone to go online and this automatically bring the percentage of internet users at national level increased from 76.9% (2016) to 87.4% (2018). Under those circumstances, uses of gadgets could lead to negative and positive effects. Generally speaking, the dependent level of gadgets in our society could give effects on social life, academic performance and our health too.

First and foremost, gadgets could give effects to our social life such as led to reduced growth in children's physical and mental abilities.

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The ability to communicate effectively also has been disastrous by the effects of personal gadgets such as mobile phone, tablet and laptop. Nowadays, lot of children prefer to play mobile phones, tablets or gaming on laptops rather than play sports actively. Playing outdoor sports not only results in their physical growth but also in interaction with peer people as well as promoting team work. But, with the modern day parents also getting hooked on to these gadgets, they are not actively inculcating the habit of playing outdoors in the children.

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Other than that, gadgets could lead someone to have sleep disorder. For example, giving gadgets to children to a certain age will lead to non-recommended sleeping patterns if it is over usage. These sleeping patterns also tend to make odd eating habits which affect our health if not taken care of. Besides, technology are supposed appears to create global network which bring people together. But in fact, this replaces real-life communication and make people anti-social. Hence, the use of a gadget must be ideal in order not to disturb one's social life.

With the introduction of new technology to our daily live ,the electronic gadget like cell phone ,television and internet have enable education advances for student to to learn new knowledge.Using gadget for students has its pros and cons.While it is true that using gadget has it advantages for students,it also has it drawbacks if used incorrectly.Firstly,the advantages of gadget are it promote independent learning.By using gadget, students can study on their own to learn new knowledge and searching for answers on the internet on the question or problem that are given to students.Next,Gadget also enable students to shorten their communication time to their teachers or friend.This will enable students to ask question if they are stuck on their progress to their teachers or friend faster for their studying purposes.Students also can speed up their works with gadget with modern application such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft Powerpoint.This will make students do their works easily and efficiently.Using Gadeget is not all good,it also contain consequences to students if excessively used and used incorrectly.One of the negative effect of gadget are decreased amount of attention span on learning..According to a Gallup panel survey,52 percent of smartphone owners reported checking their mobile devices a few times an hour or more. According to data, more than seven out of ten young smartphone users check their device a few times an hour or more often, and 22 percent admit to looking at it every few minutes. Gadget has many application and games in it,it will likely to cause distraction to students on their studies.This will lead to poor academic performance to the students.Excessive use of gadget may interfere with the students sleeping pattern.According to an article by Claire Gillespie,Electric device emitted artificial blue light that supressed the release of the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin,which it intefere with the body's internal clock and makes sleeping more difficult.This will make students become drowsy the next day and make it harder for the students to take in new knowledge in the classroom.Using gadget has its good effect and bad effect in academic performances.It is up to student to use it for their on good.

Last but not least, the design of computer, tablet and cell phone has surely changed us by making easier to communicate and share information around the world. Even though, they are giving us everything at the click of a fingertip but they also can be harmful to our health. Gadget users often look at their devices while it's resting on their lap. It can cause a lot of strain on the neck muscles. When you're hunched over looking the ground, your head is hanging out over space, so you're using your necks muscles strongly to support the weight. Just remember that, if you're using your gadgets for a decent time, try to move around as much as u can to avoid the strain on the neck muscles. Besides, sleep problem also the most common effect of gadgets on our health. By looking at the blue light from your gadget can delay the production of the sleep hormone called melatonin. So, you need to put the brightness of your gadgets at the low level or turn on night shield or night mode to prevent your eyes from delaying the production of your sleep. There is a direct correlation between the effects of loud noises produced by modern technology and premature hearing loss seen by the rise of hearing aid users in the age 30-49 bracket by referred to several reports. As technology continues to become increasingly intertwined with our day to day lives, what does the future hold for our hearing, and is the damage truly irreversible? So please don't taking any risks.

In the nutshell, kids putting in long hours on their gadgets will give just a few attention to tasks, homework and maybe irritable when they are away from their gadgets. The negative effect like obsessive and neglect everything else such as social life, family and friends need to prevent through limits the time for playing gadgets a day. Lastly, whether you believe that radiation from electronic gadgets is good or bad for you, it is very important for you to understand and make it clear about the risks and take adequate measures to protect yourself.


Updated: Dec 12, 2023
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