A Significant Person

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Mother Teresa is one of the most admired women in the world. She dedicated every day of her adult life to caring for and loving the dying, the unwanted and the unloved. Her spirit of giving inspired many people. There were those who gave up their lives as she had to follow her and others who helped in different ways, for example, giving her the Kali Temple to be used as a home for the dying. The effect Mother Teresa had on the people she came in contact with and the world is one of the most intriguing things about her.

But what was it about Mother Teresa that made people stop and listen? How did such a tiny women touch the hearts and lives of so many people? Mother Teresa’s dedication to God and the church is what I feel made her so great. Everything she did in her life was for God. One of the first instances that made me really stop for a second was Mother Teresa’s second calling.

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It was not the calling itself so much as how she handled herself in the following events.

She was so dedicated to the church and her vows that she waited two years before she was able to be released from her vows to go off into the world to serve the poorest of the poor. She went through all the proper and necessary steps in the church to get what she believed was her calling. Mother Teresa did not leave the church for selfish reasons, nor did she just get up and leave one day.

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She had too much respect and devotion to the church to be able to do something like that. Mother Teresa put all her faith into God and believed that he would provide her with what she needed.

All throughout her years on the streets of Calcutta, Mother Teresa never asked for money. She knew that all she needed was her faith. For me, I find that aspect of her remarkable. How someone can have so much faith that they would go out with nothing but 5 rupees amazes me. And the best part of the whole story is that God does come through and provide her with everything she needs. She called it “divine providence” because she never asked, however things like money, helpers and buildings became available to her.

In her interview with Muggeridge she said, “Faith is a gift of God. Without it there would be no life. And our work, to be fruitful and to be all for God, and beautiful, has to be built on faith. ” Her faith is why she always began each day with prayers, meditation and Mass. I see this as her time to be one on one with God and receive the strength she needed to serve the Lord each day. Many people go to church each week, however never truly experience God the way Mother Teresa did. She was truly able to see him in everything she did and everyone she came into contact with.

While I personally would have a hard time seeing Christ in people I come into contact with, Mother Teresa did. I have never been a very religious person, but reading and learning about Mother Teresa’s life and accomplishments makes a total believer out of me that there is something greater and if we just have faith things will work out. With gods help, one small woman, in a simple white cotton sari, who did not bother with reports and theories, simply went out into the world and changed the lives of millions.

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