Mother Teresa: her life and my feelings Essay

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Mother Teresa: her life and my feelings

Mother Teresa was a woman who devoted her life to helping the poor, suffering and dying. She touched the lives of people all over the world, from Calcutta to Rome, and from Ethiopia to Venezuela. Mother Teresa has been a role model to people all over the world, but she has been a real inspiration to me. Ever since I was little, I have gone to Catholic school; therefore, I have known about Mother Teresa since I was younger. I have learned about the many places she traveled and the many people she has aided. I have also learned about the many personal sacrifices she has made for others. When I learned of these sacrifices she made and realized she did them just so she could help other, I realized that there was lot I could be doing to help people in the world. I always give money to the missions, I volunteered at Second Harvester’s and helped out in my high school office. I still do everything I can just to help people even if it is in the little things I do. I love the feeling I get when I know I have helped someone somehow. It is a wonderful feeling. I feel like I have done something to make the world a more loving, caring place to live in.

Mother Teresa once said, “God is thirsting for our love. When we, from our own free will, surrender to his will, He will use us to be his instrument in this world, to let our love be His love for others. This can only be through continuous prayer. Then we will be: a pencil in God’s hands.” I think this quote plays an important part in the way we treat others everyday. It should always come to mind before we consider do something wrong to someone else. If we hurt someone else, we are also hurting God. Do we really want to hurt someone who love us so much that he would die for us? Mother Teresa knew how good it made God feel to see her do the great deeds she did and I believe this is what kept her going strong at it her whole life. This same feeling is what keeps me doing nice things for others everyday. Even though our world is full of so much hate and cruelty, I have learned to look past all this and only give out love and affection, in the hope of erasing all of these bad things. My future job as a doctor will allow me to take care of and aid people everyday and it makes me feel so good everytime I think of this.

Mother Teresa’s love reached millions of people in millions of different¬†ways. She did not let anything stop her from performing God’s will ad following her heart. It took enormous, strength to live the life she did, and I pray to God and her every day for this same strength to get thorough the struggles in my life and to become a better person as each day progresses. I honestly feel God has put me here to accomplish something wonderful. Mother Teresa gives me the strength to find out what this is and DO IT!!!

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