The Computers Will Soon Replace The Book Essay

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The Computers Will Soon Replace The Book

The feeling of rough paper on your ? ngertips, the familiar smell of a book fresh out of print… Would you really wish for these to become mere memories, lost and worthless? Would you want to go to a library where there were no books, only an electronic catalogue to browse through for electronic text? I know I would not appreciate such a world. Books are essential to the world.

They have been around for centuries and have become widely appreciated and almost every living soul has owned a book. What would our world come to if the only book left in the world was that book sitting behind a glass wall in the local museum?

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There have been many arguments about books using up world resources. E-books have been introduced that you can use to download online versions of text and novels. These do save trees from being cut down and reduce the usage of the Earth’s resources. However, as the world is growing even more aware of our diminishing resources, more ‘green’ methods and alternatives to reduce this loss are being introduced. In the United Kingdom, already, two of the top ? ve publishers of books have introduced the new paper policies to use ‘Ancient Forest Friendly’ book papers, which are free of ancient forest ?

bers and contain one hundred percent recycled ? ber. Six million books have already been printed in such a manner, and more will continue to do so, leaving little worry for our depleting resources. As for E-books, it can be said that they are the better choice for books. They can store thousands of books and they allow you to purchase books as electronic text without ever having to go out to a bookstore to buy them. However, the downsides are plentiful. These E-books cost much more than a single book and this might prove inconvenient for those who only wish to purchase one or two nooks.

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