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The Causes Of The French Revolution Of 1789

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Essay, Pages 3 (684 words)



Essay, Pages 3 (684 words)

The French revolution was a period of time where France’s colonies were growing in 1789. France has ditched the monarchy and switched to a republic. It lasted 10 years long from 1789 to 1799 .it began when a prison known as the Bastille was build and as for its end, Napoleon got rid of the revolutionary government and produced the French consulate. The French revolution had so many effects socially and politically. First things first and most importantly it needed the monarchy, feudalism, and took all the power from the catholic churches.

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It bought a lot of new ideas including freedom and liberty as well as the rights for all women.

A wide variety of causes have led to the French revolution, let’s begin with cultural causes a rising high number of the citizens in French had been astonished by the ideas that Voltaire, Jean Rousseau, and many other philosophers have proposed .and those ideas were about equality between genders, and freedom of the individual and as in speech, property.

In 18th century France became part of very- expensive wars against Britain. The financial crisis started when Louis XV build a larger army due to losing the Seven Years Wars against Britain. As time passed by, conditions in France worsened as the price of bread dramatically increased under the decision of poor harvests. The bread was an important part of the meal for French citizens and with increasing prices, lots of French citizens could not afford it anymore. Another important major cause was when a volcano violently erupted and then sending its volcanic ash into the air in Europe.

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It led to what was known as the “severe winter” back in 1784. After that crisis, the summers that passed by the next years have experienced severe droughts that have led to many unfortunately poor harvests.

We have many other important unforgettable causes that have led to the French revolution. Another one of them is the rise of the Bourges, these men, and women where very wealthy and had become influential as years passed closer to the French revolution. They grew into a new caste with its own agenda and its own political aspiration. The Bourgeoisie resented the position of the first and the second estate, which the bourgeoisie believed was taken from their hard work and effort. On the other hand, the desire of the bourgeoisie to rid themselves of feudal and royal encroachments on their personal liberty, commercial prospects, and ownership of property was one of the reasons which led to the French Revolution.

In my opinion, the most motivate change that has shown its way to the French revolution was the ideas put tether by the enlightened philosophers. The amazing philosophers were against class divisions, advocated for a system of government based on the separation of powers. The ideas greatly influenced the French citizens, rulers, and kings and queens.

France’s social condition during the eighteenth century was a very miserable and sad time for the French citizens. French society was oddly divided into three classes, clergy, nobles, and the common people. The clergy have belonged to the First estate and also the clergy was divided into two groups the higher clergy and the lower clergy. The higher clergy managed to take over care and control of the churches, molarities, and educational institutions in France, and in conclusion, they didn’t pay any tax to the monarch. They changed things around in many ways; they hated the common people in various ways .the higher clergy lived in the midst of the luxury and outrageous live. Also, the common people shared the same hate toward the high clergy. On the other hand, the lower clergy people have lived life and served people in the true sense of life and have lived a very miserable life. The nobility was part of the second estate in French society. The nobility also did not pay any taxes to the taxes. Just like the clergy, the nobility is divided into two groups the court nobles and the provincial nobles. With May problems occurring, it influenced the people for revolution.

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