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The Brave Mexican

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Warning: This story includes violent actions.

“Oh no, please don’t take me back can I please stay here with mi familia in Texas,” Bert said.

“Well, I’m sorry it’s against the laws that Donald Trump set. I never put these rules,” the FBI told Bert.

“Fine then, by when do I have to go back by to M?xico?” he asked the FBI.

“You have 6 hours to start leaving if not you will be slayed by zombies that the president keeps as pets.

“At least I have my cousin Alex in M?xico I can stay with but I would rather stay here with Maria.” By that time Bert was very scared and said his goodbyes and had a very evil plan on the way back to Mexico. He barely had enough money to fly back to M?xico so he only had $46.68 left, but luckily in M?xico it is almost 900 pesos.

1 year later…

“Hola Alex, is it ok if I stay here with you a couple of weeks so I can figure out my plan to take over the US and become president.

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” I told Alex.

“Sure, but when do you plan on doing on doing this weird, smart, and evil plan if it is ok I can help you because I have some knowledge on things about the US because I went to school until middle school in the US.” Alex insisted.

“Well, I’m just trying to do this as soon as possible so I can go back with mi familia but I think we should start right now.

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” Bert said.

All day they spent the cold windy day talking and discussing about the US and Trump and everything they need to succeed. “…if we do this how are we going to this?” Bert asked Alex as chills went up his back because of the wind and coldness.

“Ok, I think we have almost everything planned out but we just need to start getting money and we also need to start training because there are monsters and zombies that Trump keeps as pets but they are very strong and evil.” Alex said.

“Ok, let’s go outside and start training.”

“So which weights do we use 200 or 250?” “I think that we should use 250 because we need to get stronger than his ugly monsters.” For the rest of the day worked out until it turned dark.

The next day they packed everything they needed to go to California because that’s where Donald Trump is meeting to start building the wall. “We need to leave by 4:30 pm today because at 4:45 pm they start having less protection at the border. But we also can’t be too late because if we do Donald Trump would already be gone.” Alex said.

“Oh look at the news there is a guy that tried to kill Trump, wait I remember that guy I’ve seen that guy he is a homeless that used to live in the U.S.” I said remembering his face.

“Shhh, they’re right there. Start getting your gun out. Remember, I’ll shoot Trump and you rush in.” I told Alex. Bang, Bang, Bang.

“Woohoo I killed him! Let’s go, let’s rush the monsters!” Bert exclaimed. Bang, Bang, Bang these were the sounds of happiness. Bert was in so much joy because he finally killed Trump.

“Hurry come on Alex only a few more to go.” Through the whole time you could smell the nastiness of the monsters and flies going around the dead monsters and Trump.

“Oh no, I ran out of ammo now I have to go in with my 8″ knife.” Alex said sadly. At that time there was only 4 more monsters.

“Come on Alex kill the last one I ran out of ammo, too.” Slice Ahhhhhhhh, nooooooooo the monster hit me I’m going to die.” Alex said dying slowly.

“Wait, let me just kill the last one, ok got ’em.” I said being very tired.

“Look there’s a car. That car looks exactly like my wife’s, yeah, it is. Come on let’s get inside” I slowly said.

Alex suggested that they should go home. WEE HOO WEE HOO WEE HOO. On the way home they heard sirens from the police and FBI. They were all very worried so both men got on the ground to hide.

“Stay still or they find us in here. You also gotta stay abajo.” Bert whispered to Alex. As they got closer to home the sirens got louder and louder but eventually they finally left, or so they thought. They went inside their house very quietly.

BANG BANG BANG. “FBI OPEN UP!” the FBI commanded.

“Oh no, we are dead. But quickly hide in the attic very quietly.” As the FBI searched everywhere they couldn’t find them.

“Ok, you are clear ma’am.” they said as they left.

“Ok, you guys can get down now they left.” WAAA WAAA “What is that a think it is a baby” Alex whispered to Bert. But Bert wasn’t quite sure what it was either. They started coming down and as they started coming they made a lot of noise but the FBI had not left yet. They came back in and said,

“I now somebody is in here because I heard that loud noises and I heard someone talking in here.”

But Maria didn’t know what to say and had to make a quick lie said “I was just washing the dishes and I was listening to my song Ali A. It is really top notch, one of the best songs like ever.” The FBI were not the most pleased with her answer but they accepted it and finally actually left.

They came down and Maria said, “Hey Alex y Bert, I have a surprise for you guys.”

“What is it?” They asked in unison.

“Come I can show you guys. Here he is, his name is Antonio.”

As they started going they got a they got a notification that the president got murdered and the vice president had to be president and they got new monster eggs that weren’t going to hatch until 1 or 2 weeks but otherwise right now they only have FBI and police but some are secretly injured. They had to make a new plan because this time it would be at the White House instead but one other thing is that the FBI/Police would be over protective and ready for another attack. “I think we should do this. But what would happen here. We can enter through here. I think that there are guards there.” They went talking the whole day but eventually they figured out what they should do. They started working out the next morning.

“I think this time we should use 325 pounds instead,” Bert suggested.

“Ok, put we are also going to have to practice our aim because we need better aim or else we’ll be cooked meat.” Alex said.

They worked out all day and night because the next day they practiced, practiced, and practiced their aim until they got so tired they almost got knocked out.

The next day they woke up super sore and could barely even wake up. They took 15 minutes just to get up. Okay I think we will be going into battle probably but there might be other people that will be fighting on our side but also against us. There might be more people on our side but maybe not because right now people are getting deported. In the last hour they deported 50 people.

They started heading to the White House prepared with their guns but this time they brought more ammo so they don’t run out like last time. They went through some bushes to get to the White House but it was really hard to because there were a lot of security. They started getting closer and there was a guard.

“Hey, what are you guys doing!” the guard exclaimed.

SHING. They stabbed him right in the heart and Bert took his suit and I.D. so they can get get in. KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK. Security here. They opened the door and asked,

“I.D. please to confirm.” the security commanded.

He gave the I.D. and he said “This is my family my wife, Maria, and my brother, Alex.” Bert said. They started going to where Mike Pence’s office is. They finally reached there and quickly got their guns out and started shooting everyone including the monsters. BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM. They heard loud footsteps and gunshots they looked outside and there were other mexicans to take over the White House. They went to kill everyone else and monsters.

“Kill this monster quick! Ahhhh, Nooooo he hit me” Alex screamed softly. Maria went to go check on him and he was dead.

“Quick, keep fighting they’re going to kill us!” Bert shouted to Maria. There was that smell when your parents try to make a new recipe but they fail by overcooking the meat. BOOM, BOOM, BOOM.

“What are those loud footsteps?” Maria asked. She looked outside and saw what she what she really didn’t want to see, MORE MONSTERS. Bert got really lucky and packed something that is really useful right now because everybody ran out of ammo.

“Everybody move take cover!” Bert screamed to everybody. The thing he got really lucky with is he brought a grenade. Whoosh. BOOOOM. All the monsters died.

“Coby, got em all!” Bert exclaimed.

They started going home but they again started hearing sirens but luckily the sirens started going further and started fading so they were fine but still careful.

3 years later·

Bert and Maria had another kid named Mario. They got very luckily elected as president and now America is open to other races. Bert learned a lesson, always be very brave.

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