Jobs Journey: Understanding our Place in Gods Creation

The book of Job tries to explain to us about our place in God's creation. This is best presented through Job's life where he loses all his wealth, health and family despite being a righteous man and a man who obeyed God. He received advice from his wife and friends to curse God for all the problems he was facing (Tsevat 73). However, he stood firm on his belief and trust in God. It tries to show us on how we should live in through God's way and guidance and how to be human.

God is the provider of the wealth and we as human beings our work is being the custodians of wealth. This is best illustrated when Job loses all his wealth, children and finally his health. Despite being a righteous man, a man who respected God, God had to prove to Satan that Job could not betray him by cursing his nae (Tsevat 73). Our place in God's creation cannot be revealed by the wealth we own but the trust we have in him.

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He allowed Satan to test Job by taking all his property but did not allow Satan to hurt Job.

Man is the most important creation God made. This implies that God choses human being to other creations that he made. God allowed Satan to take all what Job owned but he could not allow him to take away the faith Job had in God. Job lost all his donkeys, camels, sheep, oxen and a large number of servants through fires and lost his children through mighty winds but he remained obedience to God.

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All those were God's creation and God chose Job over all those creations.

Health is part of God's creation and it is a clear indication that God has power over it. The health situation did not determine the place any person had in God's creation. That is why Job continued living despite all his suffering. Satan inflicted him with sores in all his body parts, from the soles of his feet to the top of his head (Tsevat 73). Not all this suffering determined the place Job had in God's creation. It implied that God accepted everyone despite who they were or regardless of the situation, they were in.

God had put man in charge of his creation. That is why Job owned a lot of sheep, camels, donkeys and yoke of oxen. God gave man all the power and wisdom to control and be in charge of all his creation. This shows that God gave man the first priority to all other creations. He considered man as an important creation that could always be on the watch out of what he had created. This why he could not allow Satan to hurt Job.

The story of Job is a clear indication of the guide for living for the people of Israel. They were supposed not to be misguided by their friends who may have lead them into sins. Job's friends misguided him when he was in need of them. He needed their support during the trial times but they ended up telling him to curse God who created him (Tsevat 73). Job stood firm on his faith and never heeded to their advises. As the children of Israel, it is a lesson to always watch out on the close friends as they might lead them astray.

It is a lesson to the Israelites to always repent on their sins. After repentance, forgiveness follows and the process of healing starts (Newsom 2009). It is from repentance that blessings come from. God commanded Job to pray for his friends and thereafter offer burnt offerings, which Job did. God accepted Job's prayer and Job forgave all his friends. Later on, he was blessed and all his fortunes were restored (Newsom 2009). It is a guide for Israelites to always forgive their enemies, which later opens our blessings.

The Israelites should always be hopeful in God. This implies that they should never give up on God despite the challenges they face. Job got through many trials but he could not give up on his creator and he kept hoping and praying. This worked and God later rewarded him by restoring all what he had owned. This is a clear indication that God never leaves those who trust and have hope on him (Lamb 1995). Being hopeful in God for our lives is what determines our future and finally we are rewarded for the perseverance despite the difficult moments we undergo.

God grants wisdom those who fear him. God also grants wisdom to those who walk away from doing bad. Wisdom in this context clearly prevails when Job's wife advised him to curse God for He was the one who had brought all his misfortunes. Through cursing God, he would die and all his suffering would end but Job stood firm to his God and never cursed him. This was a contrary to the fact that she was his wife and very close to, he but he never heeded to what he was saying (Lamb 1995). It is a lesson where people should walk away from evil and be God-fearing in order to gain the knowledge of knowing what is right and what is wrong.

Wealth was not supposed to be the immediate priority for the Israelites. Besides wealth, there were other things to consider. Job lost all what he had owned despite being the richest man in the land of Uz but within a short period he had lost, all what he had owned. This include even his loved ones but he did not put that into mind nor did he let that separate the bond he had with his creator (Newsom 2009). Wealth was just a measure of what man had control of but it should not determine nor control them. They should not let greedy ruin their trust in God.

From the story of Job, the Israelites should not fight for success and avoid suffering. Satan believed that man could only serve God for their own interest and turn away from him when sufferings affect them (Lamb 1995). This is the reason as to why Satan requested God to take Job's success and to replace it with suffering but Job did not turn against God as Satan had expected. This reveals why man should always serve God whether in good or bad times.

The book of Job also tells us about the act of humanity. This is reveled in several ways. God values humanity. God considers man as his best creation. This is because God allowed Satan to take all what Job had owned but he could not allow him to touch him (Lamb 1995). God allowed Satan to take all what he had owned owing to the fact that that was God's creation but he could not let Job perish despite even allowing Satan to take away Job's health.

People should be humane. People should always cater for the wellbeing of the other people. This is evidently brought about when Job's friends never gave him support when he needed it. It was during his trying times when he had lost everything but they never helped him. They went to sympathize with him and stayed with him without anyone saying a word to him because they saw how great his suffering was (Thomason 1997). Instead of coming with a solution to his problems, they just sympathized with him.

Satan's work is to make human beings to suffer. He was close to God and even he understood the authority God had and that is why he asked for permission from God in order to put Job under test (Thomason 1997). This shows how Satan had no value for humanity and he ended up putting Job into trial though he never succeeded. All what he wanted was to prove that man needed God for his own personal benefits but during suffering they could betray God. Although this did not work, it proved the bad intentions Satan has over humanity.

Job's wife did not portray any aspect of humanity. This is because when his husband was suffering he advised him to curse God so that he could die for his suffering to end. However, Job did not listen to her advice despite her being her wife and a close human to him. This reveals how Job's wife needed God during their success time but could not remember how He had sustained them for all those years. This was contrary to humanity as she only considered what they had lost but not what God had done to their lives.

Forgiveness is an act of humanity. This is best revealed when job forgave all his friends. He even took a measure of praying for them, gave a burnt offering to God so that they could be forgiven despite them betraying him during his suffering, Job did not put that in mind and he ended up forgiving them and later his prayers were heard and he received his blessings (Thomason 1997). This was a clear indication of how humanity is rewarded. Job never expected the blessings in return.

The people who had known Job and all his brothers and sisters showed humanity. This is after Job had received back all his wealth including more children. They went to his house to eat and rejoice with him. This showed how people were happy for the victory of their friend. They also gave him a piece of silver and gold ring each one of them (Thomason 1997). They did not consider Job's wealth but in turn, they added him more wealth.


It is a clear indication that God had created man in his own likeness and could not let any other person interfere with the creation he had mad. That is why he protected Job from Satan. People should always practice the aspect of humanity, that is, they should always care about the others and always be ready to forgive those who wronged them for them to get blessings. God has always had good plans for his creation and could not let man perish.

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