The Best Reasons Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs

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There has been a fuss between people about whether which type of pets are better cats or dogs, so I will let you know what I think then you can decide for yourself. In the United States, more people own cats than dogs? I don’t believe this is an accident either. Even though these pets are different and they are known to relieve stress and give the owner happiness and love. There are many reasons why cats are picked over dogs.

Cats are picked as the better pet over dogs because they cost less/cheaper, are tidier (clean themselves), are usually quieter.
While dogs are a man's best friend they can cost a lot, cats on the other hand cost less because they don't require many things (toys). Cats not just better because they have low medical costs, but because they don’t require much upkeep as dogs do. Cats only need a place to sleep and a place to use the restroom.

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Cats don't have many food allergies as dogs do. Cats don't really need to be trained or groomed cause of less shedding since they mainly laze around the house and don't roll around in the dirt like dogs are known to do. Dogs are more expensive because they require lots of training, grooming, and exercise. Dogs need to be trained not to bark, bite, or jump.

Cats have been known to be tidier than dogs because they know how to use the restroom on their own. Cats can use the litter box which makes it easier for us humans.

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Dogs have to be let outside to go to the bathroom and cannot be left at home for more than a few hours for reasons like this and require someone to watch them such as a pet sitter or dog kenneling service while their owners take an overnight trip. However, with cats, you can leave for the weekend, and they are independent and don’t need too much to keep them busy. Dogs can get very bored and hard-headed if their owners attempt to make them independent. For example, If you leave your dog unattended for long periods of time, they are likely to chew on the furniture, walls, and owners' shoes. Dogs tend to get restless or anxious if not given enough attention or exercise. Some cats without enough attention from their owners will occasionally claw on couches if they don't have a scratching post. Cats can easily get their needs fulfilled, with a lap cuddle here or they are just happy to be taking a nap in general and will fall asleep in one spot and stay there unless moved/woken up. Cats satisfy their boredom on their own by chasing shadows or a string on the floor, unlike dogs that need to go for a half-hour walk.

Normally cats are quieter than dogs unless they are getting sick and are in pain. They meow and make noise when they are hungry. They also make noise and meow because they just want attention from their owners. Dogs are loud because they bark for attention.

Cats are higher up the totem as the better pet than dogs because cats cost less, and have less upkeep; they also are so much more independent too. It doesn't matter want a pet you choose but cats do live a little longer than dogs because cats have better health. Consider every fact that I have mentioned. Don’t just look at getting a dog because people say that it is a ‘man’s best friend’ or because everyone says that dogs are cool to have. Honestly look at every fact and see which pet suits you and your family better.

Updated: May 19, 2021
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