Registration System of Dogs and Cats in the Municipality

Due to the fast-paced life that we have today, changes in our environment or society is really having an ace in adapting towards this fast-paced life that we are experiencing. We do not need to go out of our house and waste several minutes to wait for our turn to fill up a form just for us to register. Now, in just a matter of a click, we can now register at the comfort of our own home (Echo Brown, 2017). Online registration has been a trend globally nowadays.

Online registration is the act of filling up an online registration template or form with the necessary information needed online or with the use of the internet in mobile phone, laptop or desktop. Online registration now doesn't only concern human beings but also among animals particularly, dogs and cats.

Online registration of dogs and cats is not already a new topic because there are some countries around the world that are now using this kind of registration.

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Australia, particularly South Australia had been using this system since July 1, 2018. Their system is called 'Dogs and Cats Online.' Dogs and Cats Online is a microchipped database that links to the local council dog and cat registration, control orders, accredited assistance for dogs, racing greyhounds and registered breeders. There are no fees to be paid for registering and updating the information about cats and dogs. The objective of this system is to reduce paper certificates and forms that can get misplaced easily (Good Living, 2018). Another objective also is to help in paving the road to accomplish the ultimate goal of the World Health Organization which is 'Zero by 30.

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' Zero by 30 means that there would be zero human deaths from dog-transmitted rabies by the year 2030. This ultimate goal can be achieved if countries around the world would help hand in hand. It is a matter of being a responsible pet owner.

In the Philippines, in support of the RA 9482 otherwise known as the Anti-Rabies Act of 2007, the Quezon City government has its own way in obliging with the said law. Last September 28, 2018, the Quezon City Veterinary Department launched the microchipping of pets for registration. According to Dr. Ana Marie Cabel, Quezon City Veterinarian, that the launching was just an initial step toward the city-wide implementation of an ordinance that would require all pet owners to register their pets and be implanted (injected) with a microchip with the size of a grain of rice. The microchip would contain all the necessary information needed such as the address of the owner and the vaccines received by the pet. It would be easier for pet owners to find their pets if it is registered and has a microchip on it. Each barangay in Quezon City would be given a scanner to detect whether the dog or cat had been registered or not. This also a way of monitoring dogs that had not been immunized during the mass vaccination of the said city (Government, 2018).

According to Section 7 of the RA 9482, LGU's must guarantee that all dogs are immunized, registered and has a dog tag for each dog that had been registered and received an immunization. In connection with this, the Local Government of Tagudin enacted Municipal Ordinance No.4 Series of 2012, otherwise known as the Anti-Rabies Ordinance of the Municipality of Tagudin. With this ordinance, pet owners are obliged to register their dogs and be immunized by responsible personnel coming from the Municipal Agriculture Office. The municipality conducts regular mass vaccination of dogs. The staffs from the Municipal Agriculture Office conduct it on the 43 barangays of Tagudin. They go from one house to another to avoid any excuses coming from the pet owner. Manual registration is still being practiced by the municipality. Hundreds or even a thousand of forms are to be compiled and kept by the responsible office. It would be hard to find a particular form if this would be the case. That is why the researchers came up with 'Online Registration of Cats and Dogs.' This would be a great help in the file management of forms of cats and dogs. The system can be of help in the easier way of accessing a particular form of a dog or cat from a specific pet owner.

General Objective

The general objective of the study is to develop Dogs and Cats Online Registration of Tagudin Municipal Agriculture Office.

Specific Objective

To determine the current status of the Registration System of Dogs and Cats in the Municipality of Tagudin Ilocos Sur. To describe the problems encountered in the manual process in registering dogs and cats in the Municipality. To identify the features that will be integrated into the proposed system to solve the manual process in registering dogs and cats in the Municipality of Tagudin Ilocos Sur. To assess the level of acceptability of the proposed system.

Scope and Limitation

The Dogs and Cats Online Registration system will contain the dogs and cats information like the registration number, tag number, photo of the pet with the pet's owner, name of the pet, sex, years old, colour, markings, mode of acquisition, breed, name of the owner, place, contact number and vaccination record . The system only allows two (2) user levels: the administrator/MAO and sub-admin/barangay council. Sub-admin is assigned with login details to secure the accounts of pet owners. The admin/MAO has all privileges to the systems' general features. Meanwhile, the pet owners can view their own pet records which include the immunization record.

The limitations of the proposed system are as follows: the system can operate only through web browsers, the system relies on the internet and its performance is based on internet connection, the study shall not include other animals, system can only be accessed by authorized persons or assigned personnel and lastly, the developed system is only for Tagudin Municipal Agriculture Office Tagudin, Ilocos Sur.

Updated: May 19, 2021
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