Dogs Are Better Than Cats: The Needs of Dogs and Cats

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Dogs and cats do have a lot of things in common with each other while still carrying distinct and various differences. These two animals are rated top on the list for humans’ pets. Many people lean towards dogs, and others simply lean toward cats. Even though, they do with stain diverse features from both animals, we will take a deeper look into the alike and unlike characteristics each one has, and gain knowledge on why they are preferred over other animals.

These two animals have lots of thing in common. One of the greatest similarities is that they both have fur to protect them in different climates. These animals respond to humans well they do enjoy attention and affection from their owners. These animals were domesticated long ago which lead them to be kept as our household pets. Also, when these mammals are displayed attention like being petted they respond in a joyful manner. Dogs and cats are fully capable of giving birth to multiples and raising their young into adulthood.

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Both animals are great as company and useful in alerting their owners from danger.

These animals do have distinct differences between them. Cats belong to the feline species meanwhile the dog belong to the canine species. Both of these animals give different noises and signals when communicating. The car often makes a “purr or hiss ” while the dog does a “bark, growl, or woof”. Both animals do use their tail to demonstrate emotion except cats tail is straight upward when happy.

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The dogs tails will wiggled from side to side when happy and/or excited. Cats prefer the dark nights as they are always seen as mysterious, and dogs prefer the day time to wander around their next adventure.

To conclude, dogs and cats are the most commonly chosen animals for households. Both animals should be taken well care of and see a veterinarian when needed. Due to these animals shedding their fur should be kept as well as nails. These animals are used to living in captivity while they were domesticated many years ago. Both animals are fully capable of nursing their young and can be trained to learn new things. They do need to be feed regularly by owner as they do not hunt for food. Unlike dogs, cats require less attention from owners dogs prefer to receive more affection as the do demonstration more emotion than cats.

Updated: Feb 02, 2024
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