The american dream is still attainable

What is the American Dream? Many define the American Dream as achieving great success no matter what their circumstances are or their place of origin. It is still possible to achieve the American Dream? One side of the issue is the argument that the dream was never exist, the side saying it no longer attainable for many American due to the different global forces. However I believe the American Dream is still possible, if we implement some change by lowering taxes on the poor and raising on rich and reduce government spending on war and foreign affairs, improving the public school system and put more funding into social service.

Then, the less fortunate group of American can achieve the dream. On one hand, some people believe that the dream never existed, on the other some believe it existed but it can’t continue due the dynamic of economic. How do the immigrants who come here many decades ago achieve their dreams? Hundreds of years people left their countries and family to immigrate to country with the hope of achieve the American Dream.

And these peoples were the one who help build America and give the dream that some of us still have today. This clearly show that the dream was really existed. For those who think the dream is dead because of the economic situation, I understand their frustrations but I disagree because I believe there’s still that the American Dream can be possible, if we implemented some changes that can believe every citizens in the country.

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The government needs to support more funding for the public school system, so the next generation of children who born in lower class family can better advance themselves and achieve a bigger piece of the American dream. According to Bob Herbert from Hiding From Reality, “For all the talk about the need to improve the public schools and get rid of incompetent teachers, school systems around the country are being hammered with dreadful cutbacks and teachers are being let go in droves, not because they are incompetent, but strictly for budget reasons. There was a time when the United States understood the importance of education its young people and led way in compulsory public schooling. It also built the finest higher education system in the world” (566). If we fail to provide the best education for our children to ensure that the next generation have a better quality of life we won’t be able to keep the American Dream alive.

Keeping the American Dream alive is a legacy that we should pass on from generation to generation. Also the government needs to put more funding into social service program for the American families so that they can experience a better and more table quality of life. Herbert stated that , “State and local government, faced with fiscal nightmares, are reducing services, cutting their work forces, hacking away at health and pension benefits, and raising taxes and fees. So far it hasn’t been enough, so there is more carnage to come. In many cases, the austerity measures are punishing some of the most vulnerable people, including children, the sick and the disable”(565) I believe the government should always support funding for social services to help the less fortunate American, so they get a piece of the American dream. In order to do that, we have raise taxes on the rich, lower taxes on the poor, and reduces government spending on war and foreign affairs then, people can come closer to achieve the American Dream.

Conclusion: People can still achieve the American Dream, if we make some improve our public school systems, if the government supports more funding for social service program and finally if we lower taxes and reduce government spending. These programs use to work for the pass generation. The generation who came before use was able to do well because we have the best schools and program for them, now if we decided not to improve these programs then, the next generation won’t have any to build their dream on.

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