Technology is advancing day by day in every aspect of life Due

Technology is advancing day by day in every aspect of life. Due to the advancement of technology, internet commerce is gaining popularity at a very fast rate. There are various e-commerce companies throughout the world. People use these websites for selling and buying products. Flipkart and Amazon are amongst the biggest online shopping websites in India. Flipkart is a private listed company founded in 2007 in India and Amazon is a public listed company founded in 1994 in Seattle, Washington. While Flipkart has established itself well in India in the recent years, I believe that Amazon is gaining more popularity at a great extent due to its wide range of products all over the world.

First and foremost, the most crucial element of online shopping is delivery rate. Customer prefers those shopping websites where they get right product in right quantity at one click. Amazon has a faster delivery rate of the products when compared to Flipkart, as Amazon is more technologically advanced and has excellent distribution channel.

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Therefore, most of the work in Amazon can be done more efficiently with the help of automation, which helps to save time and requires less workers. Hence, it makes easier to place the order of products in less time. Also, if someone is an Amazon Prime Member, then the delivery of the products is much faster and at a lower price. On the other hand, Flipkart has lesser efficiency. To elaborate, most of the processes are automated, but the approval of the products is made manually.

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Therefore, products on Flipkart are more authentic and durable. The exchange and return policy of Amazon is favorable to the customers, as it provides a service where the customer can claim full refund or exchange the product purchased. But the demerit of this policy is that the customer when wishes to exchange a product, he/she is restricted to exchanging the product that was purchased based on its size only. Whereas if a customer shops in a retail store, he/she can exchange the product with any product they wish. The same exchange policy is followed by Flipkart.(Nikita,2015)

Secondly, ease and convenience to customers is one of the most important factors while shopping on the internet. Amazon is more user-friendly website than Flipkart because it provides more opportunities to people for buying things online. Therefore, customers prefer to search various things on internet due to its convenience, as it requires less effort and the product is at your doorstep just at a click. To explain, Amazon have a huge collection of products of same or different brands, which helps to find more relevant items. Moreover, Flipkart is good for electronic products in contrast to Amazon, which is good for other products. Furthermore, Flipkart has better customer care in comparison to Amazon, therefore more people prefer Flipkart especially in India. Another difference between Amazon and Flipkart is the quality of products as the products on Amazon are of better quality. Therefore, customers want to purchase qualitative products at reasonable costs.(Njogu, T,2019)

Lastly, advertising plays a vital role in increasing the sales revenue and attracting the customers. The companies need to dedicate some part of their revenue towards advertising. Amazon and Flipkart have different advertising methods to target their audience. Amazon hopes that their customers have some knowledge or experience about those products which they want to purchase as Amazon is more inclined towards advertising medium-scale and small-scale products, whereas Flipkart mainly focuses on customers who are new to online shopping. Flipkart makes it easy for any customer to buy products of their choice easily as their website is simple and easy to use. In addition to it, Flipkart sells cheaper products when compared to Amazon, which helps people to save their precious money. But Amazon has very effective advertising and marketing strategies that attract consumers irrespective of their age group, income and geographical location.(User, S,2019)

To sum up, Flipkart and amazon are both well-established online shopping brands. But it is true that Amazon is a global company and it has upper hand over Flipkart because Flipkart serves only in India. Amazon has a huge variety of products as it requires to satisfy the needs and wants of culturally diverse consumers scattered all around the world. When we compare the customer reviews, Amazon has more positive reviews than Flipkart. Amazon is the most trusted brand which is evident through the brand loyalty it possesses. Hence, the advantages of Amazon outweigh the advantages of Flipkart which proves that Amazon is the most trusted, most reliable, most convenient and most preferred online shopping brand.

Updated: Apr 13, 2021
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