Teachers Attitude Towards Teaching and Self Esteem of Students

For poverty diminution and for the advantage of masses, Government of Pakistan has espoused the Education sector to make a change and progress. Government is wholly devoted in the small amount of feasible time for providing the best facilities of education to its people. In Pakistan the basic reason of the low educational status is that our education system is highly scrappy and segmented and there are number of varied factors but it is one of the most important. This created some stubborn troubles in the finest exploitation of human resources in the certain labor market state.

Observance on the current problems in the society, the existing National Education Policy 1998-2010 was formulated. Such as Education Sector Reforms and Devolution of Power, these major administrative reforms were initiated by the government. Moreover, in 2000 international policy concerns were announced that must be reflected in our policy such as Education for All (EFAs) and Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). To bring it in line the current needs of the country, the Ministry of Education has taken in hand an exercise to review the National Education Policy (1998-2010) for its updating (Govt.

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of Pakistan, 2005).

For an improved educational process and indulgent, teachers’ attitudes are much momentous. Because they are considered change agents in the society, they provide a well being learning environment that influence students’ enthusiasm and accomplishment. Therefore, teachers’ attitudes are important for their common welfare and for their challenging professional daily life their attitudes are strongly linked with their managing strategies. Moreover, it is expected that job related policies like professional development or modification in curricula for teachers’ early education can arbitrate on student learning.

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TALIS scrutinizes assortment of viewpoint, previous research has shown practices and attitudes which were significant to the development and competence of schools. In various countries teacher’s attitude demonstrate that assured beliefs and practices are more important than others. It also highlights cross-cultural dissimilarity on the subject of the potency of teachers’ beliefs in their own efficacy (“self-efficacy”),beliefs and practices, the quality of the learning environment, and their job satisfaction. The second part of the chapter focuses on the school as their place of work and the relations between teachers’ views of learning and instruction. Some results are extraordinarily reliable across countries.

However, many researchers (i.e., Frank, 1990; Fulton, 1989; Goodland, 1990; Handler, 1993) affirm the adage that teachers commonly use that practices to teach in which they were taught. For imminent into the flourishing and unflourishing approach and dealings of teachers, this convincing declarationplace interest of evaluation and investigation of students’ previous educational experiences. On the lives of students to make an ultimate positive difference effectual attitudes and actions must be employed by teachers. Teachers can discuss what they should or should not do with a class of students, by examining past educational experiences.

Enhancement of self esteem positively contributes impersonal and social development and towards academic attainment. Without considering age forceful self-esteem is acrucial component for learning; the self-esteem of a learner make possible or restrain learning as it is the mixture of intellectual, social, physical, psychological and spiritual growth. The teacher is in a powerful position to be able to \”effect a student\’s self-esteem not only through the use of systematic activities but also through the establishment of particular caring relationships with students and there is a clear evidence that relationships between teacher and students can be either enhance the self-esteem or reducing it”. This power is influential and happens to find whether the teacher in the class is conscious of it or not. To enhance the students’ self esteem that teachers’ have a great knowledge about the hidden curriculum and its effect on self worth are much prepared rather than who are unaware.Self-esteem will be improved or not can be determined by the attitudes of teachers’ towards themselves.Thus manipulation their attitudinal expansion, attitudes, motives and perceptions can betransmitted to the pupils through their actions. By verbal and non-verbal meansmessages can be transmitted to the pupils. The verbal content of the message do not really lie in the real meanings of verbal messages. Modulation, facial expression or deportment of the speaker may be the real message, and visual or auditory cues that deliver the messageare the nonverbal messages.

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Teachers Attitude Towards Teaching and Self Esteem of Students

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